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Acoustic Vents are the ideal solution where air must enter a room whilst reducing the sound leakage and ingress. Acoustic Vents are the ideal solution to ensure adequate ventilation into any garage or shed conversion into a music room or studio.  Rytons are the leaders in vents for all applications and their acoustic performance is second to none.

For effective ventilation with sound attenuation the only choice was Rytons who have developed a range of Super Acoustic Controllable LookRyt AirCore Ventilators which provide exceptional rates of equivalent area with soundproofing up to 50dB.

The unique design of the internal panel offers multi-directional air flow allowing air to disperse evenly into the room.  Rytons have also been awarded the Quiet Mark approval across their whole range of Acoustic Background Ventilators.  Rytons Super Acoustic Controllable LookRyt AirCore is a simple and efficient answer to background ventilation. They're easy to install, cost effective, unobtrusive and easily operated by the occupant.