Corner Bass Trap Kits

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The Bass Trap kits below are designed to treat your tri-corners. This is the corner where the two walls and the ceiling meet. Each kit contains one Bass Trap Corner Fill and three 3ft Bass Traps. Basically with these kits you get the Bass Trap Corner Fill free which is a good deal.  The Tri-Corner is a very effective area for acoustic treatment as you get a lot of bass build up in these areas and it is a space that is rarely needed in a studio.  Treatment of these areas also help to pave the way to bring standing waves and room modes under control.

By setting out your tri-corners first with bass trapping this then makes it much easier for setting out the rest of the room with individual matching bass traps.  Once you have completed the installation of all the bass traps you can then start to set out your acoustic tiles which complement those bass traps.  As low end bass build up can be the most detrimental aspect of poor acoustic design and can be the hardest to bring under control this is always the best place to start with any installation.