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Soundproofing Mat - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick - 10kg Membrane Mass Loaded Vinyl


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10kg Soundproofing Mat - Mass Loaded Vinyl
1.2m wide by 2m long by 5mm thin


What Are The Benefits?


Our 10kg Soundproofing Mat is a flexible 5mm thin mineral loaded soundproofing mat which is designed to block and reduce airborne noise through stud walls and timber joisted floors and ceilings.

It is equal to Lead of the same mass in effectiveness and acts as a thin de-coupling sound blocker in stud walls and timber floors.  The biggest sound insulation can be achieved when one layer of mass loaded vinyl is sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard on lightweight structures.



For Use On Walls.


Soundproofing Mat is not suitable for gluing directly onto masonry or stud walls. To get the best results from this mass loaded vinyl, it should be sandwiched between two layers of high density Acoustic Plasterboard as part of a stud partition soundproofing solution as detailed above and is suitable to help reduce loud noise nuisance when used in this way. 


For Use On Floors


First ensure the floorboards are securely screwed to the floor so as not to squeak when walked over, Green Glue Noiseproofing Tape can be used to help further minimise this. Then use our Acoustic Sealant and fill in the joints between the floorboards and around the edge of the room making the floor is as airtight as possible. Then using our Contact Adhesive glue the layers of soundproofing mat to the timber floor. This will dramatically reduce airborne noise penetrating the floor from below or any airborne noise you create being transmitted to below but will not significantly reduce any footfall or impact noise.


Additional Notes


We recommend you use our Specially Formulated Contact Adhesive to assist with installing this product.  Please bear in mind that this adhesive is a contact adhesive.  Once the product is offered up to the surface and stuck it can't be easily repositioned.

Because our Soundproofing Mat is made from recycled manufacturing materials there may be a 'rubbery' smell when the product is first unwrapped.  Usually any smell will dissipate within a few days but as a precaution it is possible to apply a thin layer of polythene over the Soundproofing Mat before the final covering is installed to seal in any possible smells.

One layer of Soundproofing Mat has an insulation value of 29dB.  This value is calculated when the soundproofing mat is hung a curtain.  The Soundproofing Mat will not offer the same amount of sound isolation when used in a timber wall or timber floor structure but simply proves that these 10kg Soundproofing Mats are a highly effective method of sound insulation of stud walls, timber floors and ceilings.

Normally a 3dB improvement is equal to a 50% loss in the volume of noise, depending on where you are standing. 


What Are The Technical Details?


Product Name 10kg Soundproofing Mat
Product Size 1.2m x 2m (nominal)
Product Thickness 5.2mm
Area Covered Per Roll 2.4sqm
Product Weight 10kg/m2 (24kg per roll)
Hardness 76 (Durometer Shore A, 1 sec dwell)
Tensile Strength 1.2mpA (JISK6251)
Elongation At Break >100% (JISK6251)
Dimensional Stability 2% (4hr @ 100oC)
Surface Tension >44 dynes/cm
Flammability <80 mm/min (FMVSS 302)
Colour Grey
Acoustic Properties
(Airborne Sound Insulation) -
to ISO R140 Free Hanging Curtain
100Hz 20 R (dB)
200Hz 20
500Hz 28
1000Hz 32
2000Hz 36
4000Hz 40

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