QuietBoard - 1.2m x 0.6m x 18mm thick - Damaged Stock

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QuietBoard - 600mm x 1200mm

Damaged Stock - Broken edges or damaged tongue and/or groove.


What Are The Benefits?

Quiet Board is a part-recycled waterproof, cement impregnated high-density acoustic flooring board designed to reduce airborne noise penetration and transfer through separating floors. QuietBoard installed on top of R10 Acoustic Matting provides a very efficient and stable floating floor.

Cement impregnated chipboard is now specified in the Approved Document E as the best material for this application. It is quick to install and is easily cut to size.

QuietBoard Acoustic Flooring is constructed from two well-established building materials - wood particles and cement. Made from 75 % recycled sawdust obtained from timber sourced from sustainable forests. QuietBoard is a very dense product, light grey in colour and both faces have a hard smooth flat surface. They are non-toxic, contain no flammable materials and generate no toxic fumes during combustion.

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name QuietBoard
Product Composition Cement impregnated high density board
Product Size 600mm x 1200mm
Product Thickness 18mm
Weight Per Panel 17kg
Area Covered Per Sheet 0.72sqm