Limited Edition Mel-Acoustic Wedge 40mm White Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel 520x520

  • 520mm by 520mm, 40mm thick
  • CNC cut wedge profile
  • Sold individually
  • White Melamine Foam
  • Always shipped uncompressed
  • Ideal for Vocal Booths & Broadcast Studios


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Advanced Acoustics 40mm Mel-Acoustic Wedge Acoustic Foam Treatment Panel 520mm x 520mm


What's In The Box?


  • Contained in one box is a single 40mm Mel-Acoustic Wedge Acoustic Panel.
  • Each acoustic panel is sized 520mm by 520mm and is 40mm thick at the peak.
  • One acoustic panel will cover an area of 0.27sqm.  The acoustic panels are precision cut.
  • The colour of these studio foam sound deadening panels is white.

What Are The Benefits?


The Mel-Acoustic Wedge is a very versatile panel.  These panels can be easily trimmed and cut to size with a sharp knife.  The wedge profile is the most popular design of profile used for professional and home studios, vocal booths, cinema rooms and more.  The classic cut profile makes installation simple.

Performance is increased too thanks to the large surface area created by the extreme slopes.  By installing these acoustic panels in the room at first reflection points or at other key areas you will increase acoustic clarity and remove unwanted distortion. 

These acoustic panels work hard at controlling mid to high frequencies to help remove echo and control reverberation.  These panels can also be used in conjunction with our other acoustic panels to create a unique design.

Care is taken in optimising size, profile, foam cell structure and foam density to present a product that offers high visual and acoustic value.  Durability is high on our list of priorities too, we manufacture a foam that won't crumble and turn to dust and won't change colour as soon as you've mounted them to the wall or ceiling.

The properties of Melamine Acoustic foam means it is light but offers incredible performance considering it's weight.  Also the white panels will stay white and can easily be cleaned if they do become marked.  The bottom line is that the Mel-Acoustic Wedge Acoustic Panels will assist both you and your room in working to it's full potential.

Where Can I Use Them?


There are a wide range of applications for our acoustic products including:

  • High End Professional Studios
  • Home Studios
  • Rehearsal Rooms
  • Home Cinemas
  • Dedicated Listening Rooms
  • Public Buildings
  • Professional and Home Offices
  • Server Rooms
  • Custom Enclosures
  • And more

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name Mel-Acoustic 40mm Wedge Panel 520x520
Product Size 520mm x 520mm
Panels Per Box 1
Area Covered Per Panel 0.27sqm
Product Thickness 40mm
Product Colour White
Product Weight
Fire Classification

DIN 4102 - B1

FMVSS 302 - Fulfilled

BS 476, part 6 & 7 - Class 0

UL94 - V-O, HF-1


Chemical Resistance Resistant to hydrolysis, alcohols, hydrocarbons, most organic solvents and dilute acids & bases.
Foam Density 16kg/m3
Tensile Strength 120kPa
Hardness 40% deformation : 7-20kPa
Compression Set 50% at 70øC for 22 hours : 10%-20%
Cell Count 130-200 ppi approx
Thermal Conductivity C0.035W/mK @ 10øC
Continuous Service Temperature 150øC
Toxicity DIN 4102 Class A2
Installing our acoustic foam panels is very simple. The first step to take is to work out your preferred layout of acoustic panels. Do a sketch on paper first to make sure that the layout looks right and you have enough acoustic foam and space for your planned design.

Once the acoustic panels are mounted to the wall or ceiling they are hard to remove so it is important to get the layout right before you begin. Once you have a sketch of the layout you plan you can then mark up the wall with the layout. You can either use pencil, masking tape or lasers to layout the design on the wall or ceiling.

When mounting the acoustic panels to the wall apply Advanced Acoustics Contact Adhesive to both the back of the panel and the mounting surface. There is no need to heavily cover the acoustic foam or wall with adhesive, a band of adhesive around the perimeter of the tile along with 50% - 75% coverage of the rest of the acoustic panel will be fine. Use the same equivalent amount on the wall. Avoid overspray on the tile and the wall so that adhesive can’t be seen when the panels are in place. Masking Tape on the wall will help with this. If you do get webbing overspray on the foam panel, don’t touch it, allow it to dry, in most cases you will be able to peel the adhesive off.

The adhesive we supply is solvent based so we recommend that you keep all doors of the room and any windows open whilst completing the installation.

If you prefer to have a more temporary installation of acoustic panels you can mount the acoustic foam onto 6mm MDF or ply. These panels can then be hung on the wall using a D-Ring and picture hook for a damage free installation. If fitting them to a ceiling then 4 mirror plates would be required.

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