SilentBarrier5 - 1.25m by 3m by 2mm thick - 5kg Noise Control Barrier


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SilentBarrier5 -
1.25m wide by 3m long by 2mm thin


What Are The Benefits?


Our SilentBarrier5 Soundproofing Mat is a 5kg per square meter noise control barrier similar to Tecsound but without the price tag.  SilentBarrier5 is a TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) polymer-based noise control barrier which also includes some recycled polymers.  This noise control barrier has been designed to be extremely flexible and at the same time incredibly strong.  The soundproofing mat offers excellent comformability to existing structures, because SilentBarrier5 is so maleable it exhibits excellent conformability compared to other materials of similar design and also has the benefit of being fully recyclable.

SilentBarrier5 noise control barrier is free from lead, bitumen and unrefined aromatic oils.  It also scrim backed which increases strength making installation even simpler than ever before.  It is effective in the noise insulation of pipes, ductwork and similar assemblies.  It is easily to cut with a knife.

SilentBarrier5 soundproofing mat is one of the most versatile noise control barriers on the market.  It is highly effective as a vibration dampening material on metalic sufaces.  It is also extremely effective as a multi-part soundproofing system such as use in conjunction with acoustic plasterboard and acoustic isolation systems for adding mass and improving vibration dampening. 

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name SilentBarrier5
Monolayer noise control barrier with non-woven scrim
Product Size 1.25m x 3m (nominal)
Product Thickness 2.6mm
Area Covered Per Roll 3.75sqm
Product Weight 5kg/m2 (18.75kg per roll)
Static Operating Temp. Range
-20 - +93 (short exposure at extremes)
Hardness 60 (Durometer Shore A, 1 sec dwell)
Flamability Pass (FMVSS 302)
Colour Tan
Acoustic Properties
(Airborne Sound Insulation) -
to ISO R140 Free Hanging Curtain
125Hz 13.8 R (dB)
250Hz 16.4
500Hz 21
1000Hz 25.6
2000Hz 31.5
4000Hz 38
Rw (dB) @ 1000Hz
Average SRI

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