SoundSense Isolation System - Wall / Ceiling Isolation Bar


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SoundSense Isolation System - Wall Isolation Bar



Simple - Simple System to install to installation costs are kept low.

Effective - This system offers an additional 5-6dB performance on traditional resilient bar. ca. 23dB improvement.

Fool-proof - System consists of 2 parts as opposed to a multi part system making installation even simpler.

Strong - The system offers superior load bearing capabilities as opposed to some other resilient bar systems.

Acoustic Performance

The SoundSense Isolation System helps to ensure compliance with Document E of the Building Regulations 2003.

By decoupling the internal lining system with SoundSense Isolation System the acoustic performance can be enhanced by more than 23dB on standard systems and 5 to 6 dB on some existing resilient systems.


SoundSense in an acoustic isolation system for ceilings and walls that completely de-couples the wall and ceiling linings and effectively delivers the "room within a room" concept often referred to by acoustic consultants.  It dramatically reduces both airborne and impact noise transfer between adjacent rooms typically producing an additional 5 to 6 dB improvement on some resilient bar systems.

The system has been designed to be flexible, simple and easy to install.  It is a 2 park system as opposed to some of the more complex multi-part systems often used where acoustic isolation/decoupling is required.

SoundSense is appropriate for all building types from residential properties to large commercial developments and is equally suited for both new build and refurbishment.  It is also suitable for fitting onto timber and metal stud walls, concrete soffits and timber joists on ceilings.

The damping clips ensure total isolation but also as they are fixed from both sides they ensure a much better load bearing capacity than most standard systems - up to 80kg's per m2.

Traditional resilient bar systems provide acoustic isolation for plasterboard walls and ceilings by use of a vibration absorbing steel channel which is fixed onto timber studs on and onto timber ceiling joists.  Typically these systems are fixed along one edge allowing the other free edge to flex and so by absorb sound/vibrations.  Resilient bars attempt to create an acoustic break between floor joist and the plasterboard ceiling or the timber wall studding and the plasterboard.

To operate correctly these resilient bars/channels need to be highly flexible, if they are too rigid they cannot effectively dampen sound/vibrations.  The requirement for flexibility has an obvious effect on their load bearing capabilities.  Also being fixed on one side they are not completely isolated from the studwork or joists.

Good resilient systems claim to deliver a 17dB improvement over standard dry lining solutions.

Resilient bar systems are often the only practical option when soundproofing a ceiling when constrained by height issues, as they typically only add an inch on to the original ceiling depth.


Length - 3600mm

Width - 65mm

Total Depth inc. Clip- 35mm

Gauge - 0.5mm

Weight - 380g/ Linear Meter

Total System thickness (excluding studding or masonry)

With no Soundproofing Mat - 65mm

With 1 layer of 2mm Soundproofing Mat - 68mm

With 2 layer of 2mm Soundproofing Mat - 72mm

With 1 layer of 20mm Soundproofing Mat - 85mm

Note:-  This product must only be used in conjunction with the SoundSense Isolation Clip

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