Quiet Panel - Panel Size - 1.2m x 1.2m

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QuietPanel - 1200mm x 1200mm


What Are The Benefits?

Quiet Panel is a recycled rubber laminate soundproofing board for use on party walls. It has been designed to be used to upgrage existing party walls where space is limited to help reduce sound transmission and noise for neighbours. The QuietPanel Thin Wall Soundproofing System has been introduced to upgrade existing walls with very limited space to help reduce sound transmission and noise from neighbours. It can be applied to either masonry or stud walls and is also suitable to reduce flanking noise up and down walls from floor to floor.

The QuietPanel System will not totally soundproof a party wall but has been introduced to help those that cannot fit thicker, more efficient wall soundproofing systems. It is a proved solution to upgrade walls that have failed a pre-completion test. Meets Part E of the Building Regulations. Extra slim composition means little compromise on living space with high performance.

Please Note. These panels are produced with the sound insulation slightly short of the edges of the acoustic plasterboard. This is normal and does not affect the sound insulation these panels have been tested to provide. Acoustic Sealant must be used around the perimeter to ensure compliance. Please also note, this sound insulation is effective at reducing normal noise levels that should not normally be heard, for example talking, radio and TV sound. Loud music, loud noise and bass noise will always be audible although its intensity will be reduced. To reduce loud noise and bass or vibration please see our thicker SoundSense Isolation System.

Please Note: Due to shipping constraints there is a minimum order of 5 for this product

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name QuietPanel
Product Composition 15mm noise stopping layer laminated to 12.5mm non-flammable, high density sound blocking acoustic panel.
Product Size 1200mm x 1200mm
Product Thickness 27.5mm
Weight Per Panel 24.7kg
Area Covered Per Sheet 1.44sqm