Silent Space Isolation Booth 2.4m by 2.4m


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These Silent Space Isolation Booths have been carefully designed to offer you the best in performance and durability whilst still keeping the costs of the units low.  The Silent Space Isolation Booths are suitable for use as Vocal Booths, Drum Booths, Practice Booths, Recording Booths, and Privacy Rooms.  They are used in a wide range of applications including Music and Film Production, Auditory Testing, Colleges, Schools and Universities.  The Silent Space Isolation Booths are completely modular with the ability to place the door, window and ventilation box anywhere it is required.  The height of the booth means it can be used for both domestic and commercial applications and will fit in most standard height rooms.


The sturdy and solid construction of the Silent Space Isolation Booths means that your investment will stand the test of time.  The steel and compressed mineral wool construction will not rot or deteriorate over time and the surface finish is very durable and easy to keep clean.  The internal skin of the Silent Space Isolation Booths is a perforated steel with a fleece barrier between the steel and the mineral wool.  This protective fleece means there is no risk of any escaping fibers from the internal core of the booth.  The internal surface of the room acts as an acoustic absorber so there is no need for any supplementary acoustic treatment as the booth already has ideal acoustics for recording and testing.  Once the booth has been erected it is immediately ready for use.

The Isolation Booth comes complete with an acoustic door rated to 30dB which includes a 600m x 600mm Vision Panel and lock.  The lock has a panic latch on the inside so no-one can be locked in by mistake.  It also comes with silent internal lighting which is RCD protected.  There is also a 40mm x 90mm cable passage allowing you pass data, power and any other cables you may require into the booth.  Finally the booth also comes complete with a Passive Ventilation Box.  As there are no moving parts the unit is completely silent.  As the booth is completely air tight the occupant wouldn?t be able to spend more than 20 minutes in there before he ran out of oxygen.  The Passive Ventilation Unit ensures there is always a fresh flow of air into the Isolation Booth.

The Silent Space Isolation Booths are easy to assemble and are supplied with full assembly instructions.  Alternatively we can come and assemble the booth for you.  The Isolation Booths are also easy to dismantle so if you move buildings or change the use or layout of the room you can take the booth down and re-assemble it somewhere else.

The Isolation Booths take around 1 day to assemble and half a day to dismantle.

All the Silent Space Isolation Booths are made to order and there is usually a 3 week lead time.

If you require a custom sized Isolation Booth we can manufacture the booth to your requirements.

If you have any questions about our Silent Space Isolation Booths or would like a quotation for custom sized Isolation Booth please don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical Details


External Dimensions

2.36m (w) x 2.46m (l) x 2.25m (h)

Internal Dimensions

2.26m (w) x 2.36m (l) x 2.2m (h)

Panel Composition

50mm highly compressed mineral wool with 0.7mm solid steel sheet on outer surface and 0.7mm perforated steel sheet on inner surface

External  Finish & Colour

Solid Steel, Powder Coated White

Internal Finish & Colour

Perforated Steel, Powder Coated White



Internal RT60

0.08 sec (average)

NRC of Internal Face


Airborne Sound Insulation Figure


Included Accessories

Passive Ventilation, Lockable Door with 600x600mm Vision Panel, Additional 900x900mm Vision Panel,  Internal Lighting, Cable Passage

Optional Extras

Floor Isolation Kit, Carpet, 900x900 Vision Panel, Forced Ventilation Kit, Extra Cable Passage, Extra Passive Vent Box


Details About Our Optional Extras

Our Silent Space Isolation Booths also have various optional items you can add.  The details of the optional extras are below

900x900 Vision Panel - This booth comes with a vision panel in the door and one 900mm x 900m Vision Panel as standard,  if you wish you can add extra 900mm x 900mm Vision Panel.

Cable Passage - If you have a lot of cables to pass into the booth or you would like to keep electical cables seperate from audio cables you might want to add an extra cable passage in addition to the one included as standard.

Extra Vent Unit - In most circumstances the passive ventilation is adequate for the size of booth however if you wish you can add an extra passive ventilation unit.

Floor Isolation Pack - As standard the Silent Space Isolation Booths simply stand on your existing floor.  However if you are concerned with sound transmitting through the floor then we can supply a Floor Isolation Pack which is the same size as the external footprint of the Silent Space Isolation Booth.  The Floor Isolation Pack consists of a layer of M20 Acoustic Matting, a layer of R10 Acoustic Matting on top and a layer of QuietBoard cement impregnated floor boards.  The Floor Isolation kit will raise the height of the booth by approximately 50mm.  If you add this option we would also recommend you add a Carpeted Floor.

Carpeted Floor - If you add a Floor Isolation Pack to your booth then a nice touch is to finish the booth off with a high quality acoustic carpet.  The carpet we have selected is a smart linear pattern which comes in a choice of six vibrant accent shades. Perfect for commercial and education settings. British made, distinctive surface pattern, will not ravel or fray, thermal properties conserve heat, anti-slip, acoustic properties reduce noise pollution and has low maintenance costs.

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