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Akustik im Büro

Sehen Sie sich unser komplettes Sortiment an Akustikplatten an, die für den Einsatz in Klassenzimmern, Büros, Restaurants und ähnlichen Anwendungen geeignet sind. Unsere architektonischen Akustikplatten sind in einer Vielzahl von Optionen erhältlich, wie z. B. verschiedenen Montageoptionen, Farbauswahl und Designs. Verwenden Sie unsere Filter auf der Seite, um das perfekte Produkt für Ihre Bedürfnisse zu finden.

Akustik im Büro

Office acoustic treatments greatly improve productivity within the workplace. A good acoustic environment in the classroom promotes good learning and healthy surroundings.  These are fact. Superior acoustics also enhance the quality of sound in settings such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, sports halls, community halls, restaurants and call centres. They reduce reverberation and eliminate echoes within boardrooms, classrooms, lecture theatres and convention centres. 

Class A panels at Advanced Acoustic are made from the finest materials. They are constructed from 25mm or 50mm Class ‘0’ foam and conform to the latest building regulations.  Available in different shapes, endless colour options and screen printed to your personal taste, we are confident we have the acoustic solution to exceed your expectations no matter whether you are acoustically treating your office, classroom or any other space causing issues.  

Acoustic Panels For All Applications

Our Class A and Class B acoustic panels are designed to improve the sound performance of your office whilst maintaining or enhancing the visual aspect. They quell noise, absorb sounds and make environments, such as your office, acoustically effective. Once installed our high quality acoustic panel absorbers will heighten learning, increase productivity and generally improve the comfort levels within any environment, and they look good adding to the appeal of the interior space.

As well as different shapes our acoustic absorbers are also available in various mounting options so you can have the acoustic panels wall mounted, ceiling mounted or suspended from the ceiling.  We also offer a hidden fixing system for the wall mounted acoustic panels and we supply everything you need in order to hang the absorbers from the ceiling.


Acoustic Treatment That's Available in a Range of Designs and Colours

Our office acoustics panels are designed to be cost effective, acoustically pleasing and visually effective. There’s nothing more unprofessional than being unable to hear or be heard when on a conference call due to poor office acoustics.  Take the first step to show your clients and customers you are a professional company that cares about the welfare of your staff.  Call now for help and advice on 01623 643609 and we’d be glad to discuss your individual project with you.