Now Stocking Norseal Norsound Products

Shaun Snaith

Norseal are the UK’s largest stockist of specialist seal solutions. Committed to the design, development and distribution of intumescent and acoustic products, they both meet and exceed the very latest industry standards. As well as door seals, they also stock a wide range of ancillary door products including; fire rated glazing, electrical and plumbing solutions, fire rated ventilation, letterplates, door views, threshold plates, weather seals and finger protection products.  At Advanced Acoustics we stock the Norsound range which is the acoustic seals brand of Norseal Ltd.

Committed to the design, development and distribution of acoustic door seals, Norsound products are manufactured using the highest grade materials and pass the most stringent of tests; ensuring the best quality every time.  Norseal are a part of the Athmer group, who have over 60 year experience in designing and manufacturing sealing solutions, with a dedicated manufacturing plant in Germany.  They have extensive experience in testing doorset designs in partnership with the leading door core manufacturers in the UK.  They have the technical expertise in acoustic sealing solutions, for a range of door constructions including glass doors and sliding doors.  Norsound have completed and have access to hundreds of independently-tested acoustic reports for a wide range of dBRw ratings and sealing configurations.  They also have a wide range of solutions for compliance with current UK building regulations to high performance requirements, in excess of 40dBRw.


When it comes to testing they have access to their own acoustic, wind and water test lab in Germany, which tests to all current standards and is overseen and certificated by ift Rosenheim.  Based on a customers requirements, their consultants can design and implement a programme to run in the lab, which allows testing of a variety of components in a range of sizes.  In the lab, they can raise the sound insulation values for joints and construction elements such as doors and windows. The laboratory meets the requirements of EN ISO 10140 and comprises of three rooms which together form an L shape. The rooms are separated from each other by a modular partition wall system, in one case, and by a concrete wall, in the other. Both walls have a test opening which can be quickly and flexibly adjusted to suit the elements to be tested.

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