The GeoMetric Acoustic Panels are supplied with everything you need to mount them onto the ceiling or the wall.  The only thing you need to add are the fixing for the wall.  Depending on its construction you’ll either need masonry wall plugs, or plasterboard wall plugs and suitable screws, around 40mm long.


The black clips are pre –mounted in the correct place on the back of the panel for you.  The panels are designed to be oriented so that the foam insert can be pulled out of the bottom.


Insert the red marker tools into the black clips and push up until you hear a click.  The point needs to be oriented outward.  Offer the panel up the wall or ceiling in the exact location where you want to fit it.  Press the panel against the mounting surface.  The points will leave a mark where the green buttons need to be placed.  Drill three holes where the marker has left an indentation.  Mount the green buttons onto surface using suitable plug and screws.  Remove the red marker tools from the black clips.  Offer the panel up and push the panel down onto the green buttons.




Painting Your Panels


The GeoMetric Acoustic Panels are dispatched bare and if you wish can be left like this and installed straight onto your wall.  Or if you prefer you can paint the frames any colour you like without affecting performance.  Before painting the frame we suggest that you remove the black clips from the back of the panel taking note of the orientation of the clips.  Also make sure you keep the screws in a safe place so you don’t lose them. 


You can now easily slide the foam insert out of the panel.  The foam insert is designed to be snug so you may need to shake the frame so that the foam insert will begin to drop out.  Once it begins to drop you can gently pull the insert out the rest of the way. 


Before applying any paint first ensure the frame is clean and free of dust.  For best results we would recommend that you first apply a coat of primer followed by two coats of your preferred colour following the paint manufacturer’s guidelines.  Once the panel is completely dry you can re-insert the foam panel and re-attached the black clips ensuring the orientation is the same as they were previously.


The panel is now ready to be mounted onto the wall.