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Standard carpet offer very little in terms of absorption.  By replacing the standard underlay with our acoustic foam floor tiles you will improve the acoustic performance of your carpet.  You will also minimise impact noise (footsteps) which benefits your room and also the room below you.

An area often ignored when it comes to acoustic treatment is the floor.  While carpet will offer some basic high frequency absorption its performance can be improved.  If you are working in a tight space with little room for acoustic treatment on the walls then you need to make the most of every available surface.  By adding acoustic treatment under the carpet but the way of acoustic underlay you can reduce the overall reverberation time of a room without taking up any valuable wall space. 

If you opt for the Silent Floor Ultra you get the added benefit of reducing airborne noise transfer to anyone below you. Impact noise is also reduced so when your feet get tapping to the rhythm you can do so safe in the knowledge you're not disturbing those below you.