Acoustic Tile Kits

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Browse our full range of acoustic studio tiles which are available in bulk pack form with bulk rate prices to go with it.  All our acoustic foam tiles are in stock and available for immediate dispatch.  All produced in the UK and shipped out in uncompressed form, they'll arrive to you ready to be installed straight away.  Place your order now.
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We have put various packages together for you to save you all the hard work of having to do so. These kits can save yourself some money and get yourself a room that looks and sounds great.  With these acoustic tile kits our very competitive prices become even better.

If you have a large area to cover or a number of studios to acoustically treat then our acoustic foam tile kits may the answer for you.  In this collection you will find various sized acoustic treatment kits at discounted rates. With various sized acoustic tiles on offer as well as the vast range of profiles  such as wedge acoustic tiles or egg crate acoustic tiles we are certain you will find a product that suits your studio needs.  If you need a lot of absorbent material for a project then you have headed to the right place.