Introduction To Home Cinema And Listening Room Acoustic Treatment

Home Cinema and Listening Room Acoustic Treatment

At Advanced Acoustics we know that good quality Hi-Fi components are not the be all and end all of a good Hi-Fi system. We recognize that another vital component in a Hi-Fi system has a huge bearing on the quality of sound you hear in your dedicated listening room, music room or home cinema room. This vital component of course is the room itself. Room acoustics have such a massive bearing in a room that the room can ruin a good Hi-Fi system. So what's the cure? Well, we have developed acoustic panels that are designed to be domestically friendly so that they can be installed in a living room, dedicated listening room, home cinema room and integrate well within the room. Our acoustic panels are available in a wide range of colour options so that they can suit with any décor or taste. The acoustic panels can be a feature of a room or they can be hidden with a carefully chosen colour.

We have bass trapping acoustic panels available in the form of the Mini Corner Panel and the Corner Sound Trap Panel, Symphonic-C, Corner Orbis to the very big and extremely effective Signature Acoustic Panel. These corner placed acoustic panels will improve definition and control in the low frequency range. Low end frequencies congregate in the corners and especially in the corners behind the loudspeakers so these corner mounted acoustic panels remove this build up to give you clean direct low end with the removal of 'muddiness' and 'boom'. The corner mounted acoustic panels such as the Corner Sound Trap Panel will not increase the perceived bass and will not reduce the perceived bass but they will tidy up the sound waves and remove the clutter to give you a pure sound, a sound directly from the loudspeakers without any degradation from negative room interactions.

Home Cinema and Listening Room Acoustic Treatment

We also have developed wall mounted acoustic panels available in the form of the Mini Wall Panel, the Wall Sound Trap Panel , the Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel, Symphonic-R, Wall Orbis and the Photophonic Acoustic Panel . The Photophonic Acoustic Panel is constructed of high quality acoustic foam mounted onto midrange sound wave absorbing HDF and finally covered in an acoustically transparent cloth which can be digitally screen printed with any image you require. So if you have a family portrait or a particular holiday shot you like to be reminded of then these acoustic panels are perfect for your room whether it be living room or dedicated listening room. With these acoustic panels you can hide your acoustic treatment with art and no one would even know that it is helping to clean up the acoustics of the room while looking fantastic at the same time.

So these wall mounted acoustic panels will absorb the reflections from the walls. Just a few acoustic panels installed in the optimal positions will improve the acoustics of the room immensely. The acoustic panels will shorten the reverberation time making the room a much more accurate environment in which to enjoy music. The acoustic panels will also help to reduce the standing waves and room modes that occur in a room. By treating the side walls and in some cases the rear and front the soundstage in the room will be massive widened and increased. Also because the room is not having a bearing on what you hear details that were before lost in pieces of music come to the fore and all the details that you were intended to hear can now be heard. These acoustic panels will improve the focus in your room and help it to be in tune to the rest of your carefully chosen system. They will help the music to be focused to you and directing its attention to you.

Home Cinema and Listening Room Acoustic Treatment

The Signature Acoustic Panel is the biggest and most effective panel we have developed to date. Its construction is advanced and effective. Using space age materials such as nano vacuum formed limp mass absorbers means this acoustic panel stops even the unstoppable sound waves. As well as the limp mass absorber the acoustic panel also boasts 4” of high quality professional grade open cell acoustic foam and carefully calculated cavities. The combination of the foam and the limp mass absorber along with the specially selected cloth makes this the most effective acoustic panel on the market. Instead of being restricted to absorbing only a certain range of frequencies this acoustic panel will absorb along the whole frequency range doing so evenly so you can be sure you are installing acoustic treatment which will help to keep your room in balance. These acoustic panels are free standing too so they can be placed wherever they are required.

All of our acoustic panels are primarily constructed of professional grade open cell acoustic foam which is fire retardant as is the cloth used in the construction of these acoustic panels. The acoustic panels are available in a massive range of colours going through the whole colour spectrum and can also be screen printed with any image you desire. Our aim at Advanced Acoustics is to create you a room that complements your system and doesn't work against it. With the use of our meticulously designed acoustic panels which have been hand crafted to exacting standards we can bring your music to life while still keeping the rooms aesthetics forefront in our minds.