Cinema & Listening Room Acoustics

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Home Cinema & Listening Room Acoustics
Home Cinema & Listening Room Acoustics

High End Audio Acoustic Treatment Panels for Home Cinema Rooms & Listening Rooms

Cinema and listening rooms require quality acoustics to achieve their true potential. Premium quality equipment is only a small part of the equation. The way to enhance your listening pleasure is to install high-grade acoustic panels.

This is another area of expertise for Advanced Acoustics. We have developed acoustic panels that not only look good - they perform well in a host of acoustical environments.

Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels

Our panels are domestically friendly and well-suited to living rooms, dedicated listening rooms and home cinema settings. They suit the style and decor of domestic dwellings and integrate well within the environment, thanks to the huge choice of colours we have to offer.  The panels will absorb reflection frequencies striking the walls and ceiling.  All of our panel are covered in acoustically transparent cloth.


Corner Mounted Acoustic Panels


Our bass trapping acoustic panels are designed to improve definition and control in the low frequency range.  All of our panels are made from professional grade open cell acoustic foam. They’re fire retardant, help to bring your music to life and work in harmony with the aesthetics of your room.

Feel free to contact us whether you require corner panels or wall panels.