Acoustic Foam Panels

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Our Acoustic Foam Panels come in standard 2ft (610mm) by 2ft (610mm) or 2ft (610mm) by 4ft (1220mm) options and available in various thicknesses, profiles, composites and colours.  If you require custom sized or specified acoustic foam panels just email us for a quote.

Our acoustic foam panels are a very versatile range of products.  With these acoustic panels you can easily cut them to size to suit your needs.  Some of them have the option of coming to you pre-mounted onto 6mm MDF.  This allows you mount the panels damage free by using mirror plates or D-ring thus eliminating the need to glue the acoustic panels directly to the wall or ceiling.

With these products you could also wrap them in your own cloth if you have a particular fabric in mind.  As long as you can blow air through the fabric it is suitable for use as a covering for the acoustic panels.  With these acoustic panels you can create acoustic treatment that is unique to your taste and needs.  We have various fire ratings available depending on the application and we also have the Silent Panel which is a composition of soundproofing mat and Class 0 acoustic foam with a self adhesive backing.  This product is perfect for use in noisy enclosures and engine rooms.