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Office Acoustic Panel - Ceiling Mounted

These Acoustic Panels are designed to be installed on the ceiling.  All of our ceiling mounted panels are supplied with brackets fixed into the back of the panel so you can fix the panels directly to the ceiling.  The panels are available in 31 colours along with different shapes and sizes to suit different sized offices.  If you have something unique in mind email us with your requirements and we will get a quote over to you.

Our office acoustic panels can be used as part of an acoustic treatment solution for many applications including the commercial, education and hospitality sector.  Current architectural designs are such that many surfaces are now highly reflective.  These reflective surfaces result in increased and disruptive echo and reverberation.  This increase in noise pollution results in an environment that makes if difficult for staff to work productively, students to learn at the full potential and guests to be able to relax and enjoy the company they are with.

By introducing sound absorbing acoustic panels on the ceiling you can maintain the current look and feel of the space and improve the acoustics of that space at the same time.  You can also use the acoustic panels we have available to create a feature of the acoustic treatment, a talking point.

All of our acoustic panels are durable and safe for use in almost any environment.  The materials we use are fire resistant and non-irritant.  The acoustic foam we use in the core of these acoustic panels is also treated for anti-fungal and anti-mildew so you can be sure your installation of sound absorbing panels will stand the test of time.