Acoustic Foam Tiles

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In a room where you are recording, mixing or rehearsing you have to install acoustic treatment such as acoustic tiles to get the best results. We have a large range of studio foam tiles on offer to suit all applications, needs, tastes and budgets.  With what we think is the best range of high quality acoustic treatment products in one place we are sure you'll find the right one for you and your studio.

It is in this collection you will find our biggest range of acoustic treatment products.  Our acoustic foam tiles are available a huge range of shapes, sizes, profiles and thicknesses with the aim that at least a couple of them will suit your requirements.  As with the rest of acoustic treatment products we're sure you'll agree that they are competitively priced.  We think we have the best range of products on the market.  So whether you are looking for a Wedge Acoustic Tile to treat a vocal booth, some wide range absorbers to tame a drum rehearsal room or uniquely shaped hexagonal acoustic tiles to treat a recording space or a combination of acoustic tiles to treat the first reflection points of a control or mixing room we have got you covered.

A number of our acoustic foam tiles will also compliment our range of Bass Traps.  We have a Mini Wave Acoustic Tile to pair with the Wave Bass Traps, the Wedge Acoustic Tiles match perfectly with the Wedge Bass Traps and the Original Bass Traps really complement the Tegular or S.E.A.M. Acoustic Tiles.  Using the Acoustic Foam Tiles and Bass Traps working together in unity ensures that the full spectrum of sound waves are controlled and cared for in your studio, whatever it's use.