Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment

Acoustic Treatment for Control Rooms, Mixing Rooms, Recording Rooms & Recording Rooms

Numerous products are available to enhance the acoustics of studio settings. Our wide range of acoustic foam treatment products will suit all budgets whether you have a little or a lot available to invest in room treatment.  Acoustic foam tiles, panels and bass traps are just some of the treatment solutions that help to treat studios, control rooms, rehearsal spaces, production booths and vocal booths.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Our Acoustic Foam Panels are available in three standard sizes, 610mm (2ft) x 1220mm (4ft) and 305mm (1ft) by 610mm (2ft) and 305mm (1ft) by 1220mm (4ft).  The acoustic panels are also available in a number of thicknesses from 25mm (1") up to 100mm (4") and are also available in white, dark grey and black.  This form of acoustic treatment is of the highest quality and is ideal for control rooms, home studios, mixing rooms and more.

Another useful feature of the acoustic panels is that with some of the products there is also the option to have the foam mounted onto 6mm MDF. m By doing this you are able to hang the acoustic panels on the wall which means you can now have effective acoustic treatment installed without it damaging your walls.

These acoustic panels are best used for placement behind monitors and at first reflection points and can also be used on the back wall to reduce reflections and slap echo coming from behind.

Acoustic Foam Tiles

These are mid to high frequency absorbers for treating the walls and ceiling with acoustic treatment to control reverberation and echo.  We supply all the acoustic foam treatments you require to create the perfect environment within your home studio, recording space, vocal room and drum room.  Our quality acoustic foam products are manufactured to the highest standards and ready for immediate delivery to enable you to start work on your studio project straight away. 

A common question that is regularly asked is why do I need acoustic treatment, is it necessary?  In brief acoustic treatment such as acoustic tiles is vital for any room where music or vocals are going to be recorded, produced or listened to critically.  Dedicated acoustic treatment tiles will perform considerably better than blankets and curtains and don't get us started on egg crates!

Whether you have a small studio space or a large area to work in dedicated acoustic foam treatment will control sound waves, remove distortion and improve the general quality of recordings. Acoustic tiles in Control Rooms and Recording Studios will remove colouration, improve clarity and recording definition.  Our acoustic tiles are suitable for installation on walls or ceilings and can be fitted onto doors.  Our range of 12" acoustic foam tiles in particular are very useful if you have a small area that requires absorption or an irregular shaped room.

Bass Traps

Bass Traps are also a important aspect when it comes to optimising your studio.  Acoustic Foam Bass Traps are needed to control the build up of low end energy that congregated in corners and in turn 'clouds' the recordings.  Damaging standing waves can reinforce and quash certain frequencies.  You then account for this in your recording sessions and mixes then when you come to listen to the fruit of your labour your recordings are all out of balance.

By installing effective, high quality bass traps in your home studio, large or small you will help to bring the room under control for a more balanced and even frequency response.  Bass Trap Kits are an effective way to this as they will enable you treat the tri-corner which is the area where the most build up occurs.

Melamine Acoustic Foam Panels

This is our newest range of products which are lightweight absorbers suitable for many applications.  Being white in colour the Melamine range offers a stylish finish to your studio that won’t discolour over time and is UV stable.  White Melamine Acoustic Foam is also an extremely stable product and can be used in a wide range of applications including acoustic treatment for studios, construction, industrial and commercial applications.  Our white Melamine Acoustic foam products include wedge profiled and pyramid profiled acoustic panels as well as plain flat slabs and tapered edge acoustic panels.

Still Not Sure?

If you are unsure about what acoustic treatment you need, are unsure about how much acoustic treatment your studio needs, where to place your acoustics treatment, how much acoustic treatment is too much or why acoustic treatment is important we have written a number of articles that you might find useful.  If the articles don't help then just send us an email and we'll do our best to answer your question.

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