Soundproofing and Sound Absorption All In One

9/ 2/20

If you require the one product that does it all we have the answer.  Our Silent Panels are a self-adhesive backed composite acoustic panel.  It is made up of a Soundproofing Mat laminated to fire resistant Class '0' Acoustic Panel.  Now it is possible to have acoustic treatment and soundproofing...

White Melamine Acoustic Products


Not everyone wants grey acoustic foam in their studio.  While with the right lighting our grey acoustic foam tiles and bass traps can look very cool sometimes a little bit of white is called for.  In the past many would be put off using white acoustic foam because, as we...

New Products To Shout About

8/ 4/20

New additions to our Acoustic Tile Range We are pleased to announced that we have launched three, yes three, new products to compliment our Acoustic Tile Range.  The demands for creating new and interesting products has never been more important.  Just as crucial too is that we design acoustic treatment...

Customer Install - StudioSushi


Thought we'd share a customer install of one of our products. StudioSushi based in France is the brain child of James Cao who is a professional photographer and filmmaker. He also produces content on YouTube sharing his experiences and knowledge about filmmaking and video editing. He built himself a production studio in...

Now Stocking Rytons Vents

1/ 2/20

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the full range of Rytons Acoustic Vents.  Rytons are one of the world leaders in ventilation and we are pleased to have them as part of our prortfolio.  Click here to see the full range on offer.

Green Glue Products

2/ 5/19

Why do I need Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound? Understanding the benefits of noiseproofing is easy when you exist in a place that has properly sound proofed through damping. Put simply, damping is about reducing or eliminating stored energy created by sound. If you put up a wall between two rooms...

What Is NRC?


We receive numerous emails asking to explain the abbreviation "NRC" so we thought we'd ad an article to our site to help explain it. 'NRC '(Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a number that rates the capability of a material at absorbing sound (absorbing energy). Why would you want to absorb energy?...

Floor Soundproofing Install


Last week we completed an installation for a customer and we just wanted to share it with you and show you some images of how the installation is completed.  It is an easy installation and anyone with decent DIY skills should be able to complete the installation.  The customer we...