What Is NRC?

Advanced Acoustics Admin12/11/15

We receive numerous emails asking to explain the abbreviation "NRC" so we thought we'd ad an article to our site to help explain it. 'NRC '(Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a number that rates the capability of a material at absorbing sound (absorbing energy). Why would you want to absorb energy?...

Floor Soundproofing Install

Advanced Acoustics Admin5/18/15

Last week we completed an installation for a customer and we just wanted to share it with you and show you some images of how the installation is completed.  It is an easy installation and anyone with decent DIY skills should be able to complete the installation.  The customer we...

Silent Space Isolation Booth

Advanced Acoustics Admin3/16/15

Last week we installed one of our Silent Space Isolation Booths.  The reason we are featuring this installation as opposed to our other many installs is because this was an installation of the biggest standard booth we do and it was installed in Ireland for a large multi-national company and we...