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Melamine Acoustic Foam

Browse our complete range of White Melamine Acoustic Foam products here.  Available in a number of sizes, thicknesses and profiles we are confident we have a product that will suit your needs a price range.  Add a touch of class to your studio and order you white acoustic foam panels today.
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Our Melamine Acoustic Foam products are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. The Melamine Acoustic Panels are also available in various profiles.  Unlike most companies supplying Melamine Acoustic Foam Panels ours are white and we use a density of 16kg/m3 which in most cases is almost twice the density of our competitors.  This increase in density of our Melamine Acoustic Panels results in increased performance.

We use the well renowned brand Basotect for all our Melamine Acoustic Foam products.  There are a number of benefits with using melamine acoustic foam as part of your acoustic treatment solution.  One huge plus point with our range of melamine acoustic treatments is that they are white in colour.  If you or your client would prefer not to have grey acoustic treatment then the range you will find listed here are the perfect solution.  The advantage with melamine acoustic foam is that even though it is white it will not discolour over time.  The reason why many prefer dark coloured acoustic treatment is because it is less susceptible to being affect by UV light and so looks nicer for much longer.  With the melamine foams however this is UV stable and will stay it's perfectly white colour even when used in bright rooms.

Melamine acoustic foam is also extremely stable.  It is a stiff self-supporting product and while it is more brittle than regular acoustic foam and has to handled with care when installing it it is a very chemically durable material.  It has a high level of natural chemical resistance and so is an effective and durable product for use in commercial, construction and industrial applications.  This form of acoustic treatment also has a very high resistance to fire and heat.

You will see that we have a number of standard off the shelf products which are available for immediate dispatch including plain acoustic panels available in a number of standard thicknesses.  We also offer acoustic panels in a wedge profile and pyramid profile.  We also offer the melamine acoustic panels in a Tegular profile again available in a number of thicknesses.

If you require a bespoke solution or product that you can find here on our site don't hesitate to get in touch.  We have the experience and manufacturing capacity to produce acoustic treatment products to your specifications.