Corner Foam Bass Traps

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Home Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment Corner Foam Bass Traps

All rooms large or small benefit from bass trapping. In a room the build up of low end energy can be detrimental. It doesn't matter whether you are acoustically treating a practice room, control room, production room or recording room, bass trapping is always required.  Low end energy is the toughest to keep under control so make sure your room is behaving as it should be by installing effective Bass Traps in the corners you have available.  There are plenty of options in terms of price, size and shape so we are sure there will be a bass trap ideal that's for your requirements.

Very often when it comes to acoustic treatment low frequency absorption is not given the full attention it requires.  Most spaces where music is going to be rehearsed or recorded tend to be small in size and with room dimensions that reinforce certain low frequencies and suck out others.  Many people go to the expense of installing acoustic tiles and get the mid range and top end sounding fantastic and then wonder why their recordings and mixes are either bass heavy or bass light.  Don't make that same mistake.

Make sure you include bass trapping as a part of your acoustic treatment installation and be sure to include it as part of your budget.  If you aren't sure where best to place bass trapping we have written a brief article you might find helpful.  And with such a wide range of bass trap designs we are sure that there will be one that will fit in with the rest of your studio.  All of our current bass trap designs complement at least one of our acoustic tile products.

The Wedge Bass Trap is a perfect complement to the Wedge Acoustic Tile, Wedge PRO Acoustic Tile, Sawtooth Acoustic Tile and even the Pyramid Acoustic Tile.  The Wave Bass Traps works extremely well with the Mini Wave Acoustic Tiles, in fact these two were developed in tandem with the intention they would be used together to create the perfect set-up.  The Original Bass Trap works well with the range of HexaTile Acoustic Tiles, Tegular Acoustic Tile and S.E.A.M. Acoustic Tiles or the Slider Acoustic Tiles.  The Quadrant Bass Trap is a good match with the Aerofoil Acoustic Tile and Mono and Multi Wave Acoustic Tile.