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Home GeoMetric - Signature Acoustic Panels
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This range of acoustic panels called the GeoMetric Collection are designed for the discerning user.  Following countless months of development, testing and perfecting we are proud to present our latest generation of acoustic panels. These acoustic panels have a number of unique features, the biggest one being that this acoustic treatment can be painted whatever colour you want without affecting performance.  And better than that, you're not just limited to one coat of paint, if you change the colour of your studio you can now change the colour of your acoustic treatment with very little fuss.

We have two designs to reveal to you now with three more designs coming to you in the near future.

These acoustic panels are designed to give you optimum absorption whilst ensuring there is still some natural reverb and room timbre maintained in the studio.  Boasting an NRC of 0.7 and only 62mm thick our GeoMetric Signature Acoustic Panels will work hard at controlling your lower mid-range upward to give you a balanced and controlled frequency response.

Installation is dead easy too with everything supplied to get your acoustic panels mounted on the wall or ceiling.  By using the tried and tested ButtonFix mounting system installation couldn't be easier.

Prefer the bare look of acoustic panels? No problem, these acoustic panels will perform just as well unpainted for that natural look.

There's no denying it these acoustic panels with their geometric shapes have got be one of the most visually effective acoustic treatment products on the market.  And thanks to their designer looks they look just as at home in the recording studio as they do in the home listening room.