Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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Home Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Home Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Standard suspended ceiling tiles never give you the acoustic performance you require. The standard ceiling tiles offer little to no effective absorption and can cause more problems by resonating in their grid.  By replacing the standard suspended ceiling tiles with our acoustic foam suspended ceiling tiles you will gain the control you need over your room.  The standard size means they simply drop into your existing ceiling grid.

Replacing your existing suspended ceiling by installing our Acoustic Ceiling Tiles is probably one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can do.  The standard suspended ceiling tiles used in general tend to offer very little in terms of acoustic value.  Usually any absorption they do offer tends to be at the higher range of frequencies.  This unbalanced amount of absorption can cause high and low spots in the frequency response of the room.  However by upgrading with one of our Acoustic Ceiling Tiles you can quickly incorporate acoustic treatment into your existing ceiling grid.

We also have the white Melamine version which simply sits on the grid much the same as existing tiles albeit with considerably better absorption on offer.  We also have the Tegular Acoustic Tile which sits through the grid which generates even more absorption along a wider range of frequencies.  All our suspended ceiling tiles are suitable for use with 15mm and 24mm wide grid.