Poor Office And School Acoustics Can Be Cured

Poor office acoustics is a growing problem. With the many reflective surfaces in an office the reverberation time of a room can be very long. This long reverberation time will result in a room that is very difficult to work in with staff that are unproductive and in some cases have to take time off work to recover from poor office acoustics. Conversations can be hard work.  If there are a number of telesales staff in a room the buildup of sound waves in the room can be deafening.  This results in your staff finding it difficult to work effectively. By installing acoustic treatment in offices the productivity and creativity of staff is greatly increased. With an environment that is much more suitable for working in your staff will be more at ease. This will mean they can work at their best without the need to take time off work from aural strain.

Office and Classroom Acoustic Treatment

Schools also have the problem of long reverberation times. This is terrible in an environment where students need to be attentive and need to be able to hear clearly exactly what the teacher is saying. Poor class room acoustics will make the students suffer because the teacher's voice will be drowned out by echoes that build and build until the teacher can't be heard or understood. Comparative tests between untreated and treated schools have shown that poor class room acoustics have a detrimental effect on student grades.

In nurseries sound levels can reach worrying and harmful heights. Without the room’s acoustics bought under control the sound levels can be harmful to a child. These sound waves need to be brought under control with effective room acoustic correction to remove reflective surfaces and so reduce the damaging sound levels inside a room.

Office and Classroom Acoustic Treatment

So what is the solution? Well Advanced Acoustics have it. We have developed aesthetically pleasing acoustic treatment products that are suitable for use in offices, schools, nurseries and other similar environments. Our acoustic treatment is all totally bespoke. All of the custom solutions we offer are based on our tried and tested solutions and will not only vastly improve the acoustics of any room but they will also aid in improving the visual feel of a room. Acoustic treatment for restaurants, offices, schools and nurseries doesn't have to be dull. Our acoustic treatment solutions are creative and inspiring. Whether you want acoustic panels with the company logo screen printed on or acoustic panels that are artistic or acoustic treatment that integrates with the current room layout we can help. All of our acoustic panels are durable and safe being fully fire retardant. For cost effective and acoustically effective acoustic treatment Advanced Acoustics is the name to trust.