Show Your Creative Side With The Baby Hex

Shaun Snaith

Despite our Baby HexaTile Acoustic Tile being a relatively new product we are already receiving lots of images of customers installs using this product.  It's not difficult to see why either.  The Baby HexaTile Acoustic Tile is such a versatile product.  There are so many different ways that you can arrange the acoustic foam tiles, large clusters, clusters with gaps, clusters intertwined with LED lighting the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.  When we first developed this acoustic foam tile we had a feeling it would be popular.  What we didn't account for was the various different ways that our customers would find to lay the tiles out to create awesome acoustic treatment.

If you are struggling for some inspiration of the how to acoustically treat your studio then perhaps these little images might give you a few ideas.


Baby Hexagon Tile with LED Lighting.
Baby Hexagon Acoustic Tiles with featured lighting to add colour and gaps left in the cluster to add other artwork.


Baby HexaTile with Wedge Euphonic Tiles
Baby HexaTile used in conjunction with the 12" Wedge Euphonic Acoustic Tile.
Photo Credit - Scott Tunnix


Baby HexaTile Acoustic Studio Foam Treatment
Baby HexaTile installed in a large cluster with gaps between the tiles.
Photo Credit - aelentiya


Baby HexaTile Ceiling Install
Baby HexaTile installed on the ceiling with discreet lighting behind.
Photo Credit - Scott Tunnix



If you have got a cool install to show off where you have used our products and you too want to get featured then send pictures of your install to