Wave Corner Bass Trap Corner Kit Acoustic Studio Foam


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Advanced Acoustics 3ft Wave Bass Trap Kit


What's In The Box?


The Wave Bass Trap Kits contain 3x 3ft Wave Bass Traps and 1 matching Bass Trap Corner Fill.  The bass trap kit enables you to effectively treat the tri-corner of a room. Utilising the Bass Trap Corner Fill will result in a tidy and complete look. The dimension of the bass trap is 305mm (12") wide and 915mm (36") long. The overall width of the face is 430mm. The exclusive design of the Wave Bass Trap means that there is huge surface area to catch and absorb errant soundwaves. The 3ft Wave Bass Trap is effective down to 40Hz. It is perfect for use alongside the Mini Wave Acoustic Tile for the complete acoustic solution. These bass traps, along with all our acoustic foam products, are dispatched uncompressed and ready to be installed immediately. The Wave Bass Trap is produced using precision CNC machinery in our UK factory. They are available in a choice of Mid Grey or Dark Grey.


What Are The Benefits?


The Wave Bass Traps are one of a kind.  We spent a considerable amount of time developing, testing and perfecting this profile.  We think this is one of the most striking and impressive looking bass traps on the market and they match perfectly with our Mini Wave Acoustic Tiles.  With the Wave Bass Traps form follows function, the design isn't there to just look good.  The profile we have developed increases surface area without removing excessive volume and mass.

Bass Traps are vital for any studio design and should be one of the top priorities of studio design.  Once effective bass control has been installed standing waves are minimised and low end build up is brought under control. 

Low end energy congregates in all corners of rooms so by placing effective bass traps in the corners you can reduce the detrimental effect this has.  When used in conjunction with our range of acoustic tiles the full scope of frequencies generated is taken care of.

Care is taken in optimising size, profile, foam cell structure and foam density to present a product that offers high visual and acoustic value.  Durability is high on our list of priorities too, we manufacture a foam that won't crumble and turn to dust and won't change colour as soon as you've mounted them in the corners. The bottom line is that the Wave Bass Trap Kit will assist both you and your room in working to it's full potential.


Where Can I Use Them?


There are a wide range of applications for our acoustic products including:

  • High End Professional Studios
  • Home Studios
  • Rehearsal Rooms
  • Home Cinemas
  • Dedicated Listening Rooms
  • And more


What Are The Technical Details?


Product Name 3ft Wave Bass Trap Kit
Individual Bass Trap Size 12" x 12" x 36" (305mm x 305mm x 915mm)
Quantity Of Bass Traps Per Box 3 (also includes a Bass Trap Corner Fil sized 12" x 12" x 12"
Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object 50Hz 0.4
Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object 63Hz 1.2
Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object 80Hz 1.0
Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object 100Hz 2.0
Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object 125Hz 1.9
Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object 150Hz 2.1
Acoustic Foam Colour Charcoal Grey
Acoustic Foam Density 30kg/m3
Acoustic Foam Composition Open Cell Polyurethane Acoustic Foam
Fire Classification Crib 5 and Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furnishings and Furniture (fire)(safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989)
Profile Description Precision CNC cut wave profile faced triangle corner mounted bass trap


Performance Data

Wave Bass Trap Kit Performance Data

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