Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 0.6m x 1.2m x 11mm Individual Sheets

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Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay - 600mm by 1200mm by 11mm thick


What's In The Box?


  • The Silent Floor Ultra is sold in individual sheets.
  • Each sheet is 600mm x 1200mm and is 11mm thick.
  • One sheet will cover an area of 0.72sqm.
  • Impact Sound Reduction of 36dB.


What Are The Benefits?


Silent Floor Ultra is a genuine acoustic underlay.  This product will work to reduce impact noise caused by walking and dragging items across or dropping items on the floor. 

The Silent Floor Ultra will also reduce airborne noise such as talking, TV and radio noise.  It is simple product to install, it is just laid in exactly the same way a regular underlay, the only difference being this product comes in sheets as opposed to rolls. 

Being only 11mm thick it is no thicker than standard underlays so won't cause issues with door gaps or transitions between different floor types.  The Silent Floor Ultra is a composite of our extremely popular 5kg soundproofing mat with a layer of high durability 25kg/m3 closed cell cross linked PU foam which gives a feel of luxury under foot. 

The benefit of using a PU foam as opposed to a recycled crumb foam that is used by so many companies is that the PU foam won't start to crumble and break down over a short period of time.


For Use Under Carpet.

This product can be used with traditional stretched carpets. When installing this product below carpet fit The Silent Floor Ultra so it is foam side up.  Make sure there are no gaps between the sheets. 

If is good practice to glue the sheets down to the sub-floor with our contact adhesive to minimise the chances of underlay 'walking'.  The sheets are simply trimmed with a sharp knife when required.  You can now proceed to install the carpet in the normal way.


Additional Notes


To improve sound isolation even further there are a few simple steps you can take before installing the Silent Floor Ultra.  To minimise the risk of squeaking floor boards check that there are no loose boards before the Silent Floor installed.  If there are any loose screw them down to the joists ensuring there are no pipes or cables behind the board before you do so. 

If you have gaps between floorboards it is good practice to seal  and fill these with our Acoustic Sealant.  Before you install the Silent Floor Ultra you can lay one or two layers of the 5kg Soundproofing Mat first.  This will help to improve airborne sound isolation even further and will only increase the floor thickness by a few millimetres.


What Are The Technical Details?


Product Name Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay
Product Size 600mm x 1200m (nominal)
Product Thickness 11mm
Area Covered Per Sheet 0.72sqm
Product Weight 5.2kg/m2
Hardness 76 (Durometer Shore A, 1 sec dwell)
Tensile Strength 0.9mpA (JISK6251)
Elongation At Break >100% (JISK6251)
Dimensional Stability 2% (4hr @ 100oC)
Surface Tension >44 dynes/cm
Flammability <100 mm/min (FMVSS 302)
Colour Grey


Silent Floor Ultra Performance Data