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Acoustic Isolation Systems - Wall & Ceiling

Simple but effective two part resilient bar systems which are easy to install and will decouple your room from those noises that are disturbing you.  Order now for some peace and quiet from the outside world.
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Acoustic Isolation Systems - Wall & Ceiling

The Advanced Acoustics SoundSense Isolation System is a simple, effective, fool-proof and strong high performing sound reduction system designed to isolate walls and ceilings. SoundSense is an acoustic resilient bar isolation system for walls, floors and ceilings that completely de-couples the wall lining and so effectively giving a ‘room within a room’ concept that is often referred to by acoustic consultants. It dramatically reduces both airborne and impact noise transfer between adjacent rooms.

Our SoundSense resilient bar system has a number of benefits over other resilient bar systems available on the market.  This system is a 2 part system making it much simpler to install when compared to other multi part systems currently available.  Because of this the system is fool-proof, anyone with basic DIY skills can install this system.  And because it is fool-proof t is less labour intensive to install.  The SoundSense System can support weight. Single Resilient Bar systems only have one supported edge meaning the bar can be prone to unwanted flex which is turn means it is not able to support weight, our resilient bar system combats this.  Our system is also more effective offering around 23dB reduction on standard soundproofing systems and a further 6dB improvement on other resilient bar systems.

This system is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications, new build and renovation and can be used in conjunction with timber, metal stud brick and concrete.  Contact us today to find how we can incorporate the SoundSense Isolation System into your project.