Why Do I Need Green Glue?

Understanding the benefits of noiseproofing is easy when you exist in a place that has properly sound proofed through damping. Put simply, damping is about reducing or eliminating stored energy created by sound. If you put up a wall between two rooms and the wall has no damping, sound in one room will simply pass through the wall and enter the next room as sound. To achieve isolated sound, apply the best damping on the market.

Damping first works by reducing the vibration caused by sound, known as resonance, and then by dissipating this vibration as it travels through a structures. At most frequencies, a wall’s mass offers resistance to airborne sound, and the heavier the wall the more difficult it is for sound to vibrate the wall’s surface. At some frequencies, however, it is difficult to prevent sound from vibrating surfaces. These frequencies are called resonant points.

If a structure has low damping, sound vibration can travel across it for great distances. In fact, poor damping of common building materials like plasterboard or wood is largely responsible for the noise problems that homeowners experience.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound dampens a wall structure by reducing the energy transfer of noise between one room and another. The Compound significantly reduces structure-borne sound and also reduces flanking noise.