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Office Acoustic Panel - Wall Mounted

Transform your office or commercial space into a serene and productive environment with our high-quality acoustic wall panels! Our panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to perfectly suit your unique space and branding needs. Whether you need to control echo, reduce noise pollution, or promote your company's aesthetic, our panels are the perfect solution.

Our expertly handcrafted panels are made from fire-resistant, durable materials that are also soft to the touch and easy to clean and maintain. We offer Class A and Class B sound-absorbing panels to meet all your needs, as well as custom options for unique specifications. Choose from our range of square, rectangular, hexagonal, or circular panels, or take it a step further with our designer shapes to create stunning geometric wall designs. Our wall mounted panels come with various mounting options for easy installation, so you can transform your space into a peaceful and productive oasis in no time. Don't settle for less - trust us for all your acoustic wall panel needs!

Office Acoustic Panel - Wall Mounted

These Acoustic Panels are designed to be installed on walls.  All of our wall mounted acoustic panels are supplied with a choice of mounting options so you can fix the panels directly to the wall or have them hanging on a picture hook.  The panels are available in 31 colours along with different shapes and sizes to suit different sized offices.  If you can't find what you are looking for get in touch and we'll see if we can help.

Office acoustic wall panels are an effective means of controlling sound and reducing noise pollution within the workplace.  Acoustic panels are simple to install an can be used to promote and reinforce your company's branding with the correct use of colours or screen printed acoustic panels.  Whether you need to control echo or loud noises in a reception, call centre or meeting room or range of unobtrusive acoustic panels will give you the control you need.

Our architectural acoustic panels are available in a range of sizes, colours and designer shapes all hand made in the UK.  We use materials that are fire resistant and durable but soft to the touch and easy to clean and maintain.  The Class A and Class B sound absorbing panels we have to offer will meet all your needs.  As a manufacturer we can also produce acoustic panels to your specification so if you have a particular shape in mind or need acoustic treatment to fit a certain space we can assist.

Our current options include square, rectangular and hexagonal acoustic panels.  We also have circular discs available in various diameters.  Plus we have our designer acoustic panels available in a number shapes to create geometric wall designs.