Suspension Component - 1.5mm Steel Wire Rope

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1.5mm Diameter Wire Rope.

1770 Grade Galvanised Wire Rope with a 1x19 flexible construction.>

Minimum Breaking Load 0.209 ton.

Use this1.5mm galvanised wire rope in conjunction with the 1.5mm galvanised steel wire rope clamp to suspend our acoustic panels.  You will need 3 lengths for the Baracuda and Cloud9 Panels and 4 lengths for the Almond and SoundControl Panels.  Calculate the amount of drop you require for the panel and add on 15cm to allow for the loop at the top and bottom.  Multiply this by the amount of lengths you require panel and multiply that by the amount of panels you require for suspension.  We then recommend you add on 5% for waste.  Round that up to the nearest round figure and enter that in the quantity box.

For example - We need to hang 6 Cloud9 Panels with a 75cm drop.

0.75m plus 0.15m to allow for the loop = 0.9m

p>Times 0.9m by the amount of lengths per panel (3 in this case) = 2.7m

Times 2.7m by the total amount of panels required (6 in this case) = 16.2m

Add on 5% for allowances and round up the nearest round figure = 17m