Advanced Acoustics Wedge PRO Acoustic Foam Tiles

Navigating the intricate world of acoustic treatment for your studio can often feel like a daunting endeavour. Striking the perfect balance is essential: too little treatment, and your creative space won't realize its full sonic potential; an excess could lead to unintended audio consequences. Here at Advanced Acoustics, we understand all too well the challenges of finding that delicate equilibrium. To simplify this process, we are pleased to present our Acoustic Foam Treatment Calculator—an invaluable tool designed to eliminate the guesswork.

Our calculator empowers you to make informed decisions. By inputting your room's dimensions and specifying your genre of music, you unlock a wealth of guidance. The calculator then computes the optimal amount of acoustic treatment, ensuring an environment where sound flourishes. 

Not only does our calculator recommend the ideal quantity of acoustic treatment, but it also provides invaluable insights on the most suitable products for your unique studio setup and musical style. The guidance doesn't stop there—you'll discover a succinct guide on where to position acoustic tiles, accompanied by suggestions for complementary products that enhance your setup even further.

While this calculator serves as an extremely valuable compass, it's ultimately a guide. For those seeking a bespoke solution tailored to their studio's specific shape or distinct characteristics, we invite you to connect with us via email. Our team of experts are ready to provide personalized advice, ensuring your studio achieves acoustic excellence beyond compare.

Elevate your auditory journey with Advanced Acoustics. Unleash the potential of your studio, and let precision pave the way to sonic brilliance.