Frame Set Edging Strip Set Acoustic Studio Foam Treatment 65mm

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Advanced Acoustics 65mm Frame Set Acoustic Studio Foam Treatment


What's In The Box?


  • Contained in one box are 4 individual edging strips. 
  • Each edging strip is sized 65mm by 65mm and are 1250mm long. 
  • The acoustic foam is precision cut and will enable you get that professional finish on your acoustic treatment installation. 
  • These acoustic edging strips are available in either Mid Grey or Dark Grey.


What Are The Benefits?


The devil is in the detail.  This is true not only when it comes to the performance of acoustic treatment but also in the look of the finished product.  These edging strips will enable you to frame the clusters of acoustic tiles you create to give you that crisp finishing touch.  Performance of the clusters of tiles is also improved as there is no longer any exposed thin edges.

The edging strips are easy to install with our contact adhesive and are simple to cut to length.  Plus the colour perfectly matches with the rest of our range of studio foam products.

These 65mmm Edging Strips are best used with our thicker range of acoustic tiles such as the such as the MiniWave, AeroFoil and Wedge PRO Acoustic Tiles. We also have a thinner version available in 40mm square which would be best suited to our thinner tiles such as the Wedge, F.A.T., Sawtooth etc.