Tegular 12" Acoustic Studio Foam Tile Pack - 12 Tiles, 1.1sqm Coverage


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Advanced Acoustics 12" x 12" Tegular Acoustic Studio Foam Tile Pack


What's In The Box?


The 12" Tegular Acoustic Tile is a tile that is ideal for mixing with other profiled tiles such as the Wedge, Mini Wave or Pyramid Acoustic Tile to help to break up the repetitiveness of a cluster of tiles.  Including in the odd 12" Tegular Acoustic Tile to create a little variation or using it to create a checkerboard effect has been used by many with great results.  Or if you prefer use this tile on it's own, the possibilities are endless.  Included in a box are 12 individual acoustic foam tiles.  Each tile is 305mm (12") by 305mm (12") and are 55mm thick.  A box of these tiles will cover a total area of 1.1sqm (12sqft).  The NRC of the 12" Tegular Acoustic Tiles is 0.95 so you know that however you decide to use them, they'll give you the balanced rate of absorption you need.  The 12" Tegular Acoustic Tiles are available in a choice of Mid Grey or Dark Grey and will arrive to you completely uncompressed ready to be installed straight away.


What Are The Benefits?


The design of these tiles might look simple enough but don't underestimate the effectiveness that these acoustic tiles have to offer.  By installing small clusters of these acoustic tiles around the room at first reflection points or at other key areas you will increase acoustic clarity and remove unwanted distortion.  You can also layer the acoustic tiles to further improve mid and lower frequency absorption.

These acoustic studio foam tiles work hard at controlling mid to high frequencies to help remove echo and control reverberation.  These tiles can also be mixed with our other 12" Studio Foam Tiles such as the 12" Mini Wave Acoustic Tiles to create a unique design.  Care is taken in optimising size, profile, foam cell structure and foam density to present a product that offers high visual and acoustic value.

Durability is high on our list of priorities too, we manufacture a foam that won't crumble and turn to dust and won't change colour as soon as you've mounted them to the wall or ceiling. The bottom line is that the Tegular Acoustic Studio Foam Tiles will assist both you and your room in working to it's full potential.

Where Can I Use Them?

There are a wide range of applications for our acoustic products including:

  • High End Professional Studios
  • Home Studios
  • Rehearsal Rooms
  • Home Cinemas
  • Dedicated Listening Rooms
  • Public Buildings
  • Professional and Home Offices
  • Server Rooms
  • And more

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name 12"  Tegular Acoustic Tile Pack
Individual Acoustic Tile Size 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)
Quantity Of Acoustic Tiles Per Box 12
Total Area Covered Per Box 12ft2 (1.11m2)
Acoustic Tile Thickness 3/4" (20mm) at the base, 2 1/4" (60mm) at the peak
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.95
Absorption at 250Hz 0.51
Absorption at 500Hz 1.10
Absorption at 1000Hz 1.12
Absorption at 2000Hz 1.09
Absorption at 4000Hz 1.15
Acoustic Foam Colour Charcoal Grey
Acoustic Foam Density 30kg/m3
Acoustic Foam Composition Open Cell Polyurethane Acoustic Foam
Fire Classification Crib 5 and Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furnishings and Furniture (fire)(safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989)
Profile Description Plain faced acoustic foam tile with a 450 taper on all 4 sides


Performance Data

12" Tegular Acoustic Foam Tile Pack Performance Data

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