Acousti-Felt, The Latest Innovation from Advanced Acoustics

Shaun Snaith

At Advanced Acoustics we are always looking for the next great thing and the next innovation and development in acoustic treatment and soundproofing solutions.  The one thing that is at the top of the list with a lot of people at the moment is sustainability.  We do all we can to help the environment, we recycle all our scrap foam, we re-use or recycle all our waste card and paper and landfill waste is kept to a minimum.  We have been searching for products that also work with the environment.  Is there a material out there that is made from recycled materials that has acoustic properties?

After countless hours of searching and research we came across a product that ticked all our boxes and began product development.  PET Polyester Acoustic Felt was the answer. This material is made from 65% recycled compressed polyester fibres, basically we are recycling plastic.  We know we're not to going to change the world but we are playing our own little part in protecting the environment.

PET Polyester Acoustic Felt is such a versatile product and is so easy to install.  It is hardwearing and durable but soft to the touch.  At the end of it's life it can again be recycled.  It is available in a choice of 12 colours and can be cut and shaped to any design you require.  Plus for such a thin product they are very effective at reducing reverberation and echo.  75% of sound waves are absorbed by acoustic panels that are only 28mm thick.  The absorption range is exactly where you need it for the voice making it the perfect product.

At the moment we have two standard products available with more on the way.  We have the 600x600 Square Panels and we have the 600 Hexagon Panels.  We can also produce tiles and panels to any shape or size you require including circles.

Acousti-Flet Acoustic Treatment Installation on Ceiling

Acoustic Felt is the next generation of acoustic treatment and is suitable for a wide range of applications, they can be used in home and commercial offices, schools and lecture halls, restaurants and museums.  Our Acoustic Felt Panels care for the environment and care for the health and productivity of you and your staff.