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Acousti-Felt Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels

All available in a choice of 12 colours

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Acousti-Felt Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels

Acousti-Felt is the next generation of acoustic treatment which is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of acoustic treatment on the market.  Comprising of polyester PET it is recycled and recyclable and at the same time offers great acoustic performance. Our range of Acousti-Felt products are available in 12 different colours and are UV resistant so won't fade over time, even when used in light offices.

Our Acousti-Felt products are made from recycled plastic bottles and are turned into a soft yet sturdy and durable impact resistant polyester PET felt material. The Acousti-Felt Acoustic Panels offer extremely efficient acoustic performance to effectively reduce the amount of sound reverberating around a room, office, restaurant or classroom.  Our Acoustic Polyester Felt Panels can be easily wall and ceiling mounted using our high bond contact adhesive or suspended from the ceiling on wires. 

Other features of the Acousti-Felt range include water repellency.  Anything that is spilt on the panel will form as droplets on the surface which can be simply blotted off.  These acoustic panels also have anti-bacterial properties and are moth repellent.  These acoustic panels can also be used as pinboards which is another useful feature.  The acoustic panels are also compatible with hook Velcro.

All of the Acousti-Felt Panels are precision cut on CNC machines to ensure that the acoustic panels perfectly nestle together to give you a professional installation.  There are a wide range of applications and environments where these products can be used including professional and home offices, call centres, receptions, meeting rooms, restaurants, classrooms and lecture halls, dining rooms and more.  If your intended application isn't listed and you want to make sure it is suitable for your needs then just drop us a quick email and we will confirm suitability for you.