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The Solution To Your Office and Classroom Problems

An office or working space must be efficient. If the space in which to work is noisy or reverberant the ability to work at ones best is seriously inhibited. Offices and other spaces must be efficient and also stylish. So to improve sound quality and speech clarity within a space effective acoustic treatment is required. But that is not enough. The acoustic treatment must also be aesthetically pleasing. The acoustic treatment must be durable and have long term performance. Echo and reverberation disappears once acoustically effective acoustic treatment solutions are installed.

Office and Classroom Acoustic Treatment Panels

So too a classroom or lecture theatre must also be an environment where the voices of lecturers and students can be clearly heard without the build up of sound waves in the room which can detract from the lessons or lectures. This build up of sound waves results from reflective surfaces. The only way to reduce those reflections is by turning the hard and reflective wall and ceiling surfaces into a softer surface that can absorb excessive sound waves and bring the room under control. This then reduces the influence of the room from the learning process enabling the students to concentrate harder and for longer periods.

Office and Classroom Acoustic Treatment Panels

A restaurant must also be an environment where speech is controlled. Without effective and discreet acoustic treatment installed what should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience becomes uncomfortable. What your visitors should feel is welcomed and at ease thanks to the calm environment they are dining in. This is where Advanced Acoustics comes in. We have developed innovative acoustic panels that improve the working efficiency of your office, call centre, conference room or classroom. Our acoustic panels are easy to install, lightweight and most importantly safe for total peace of mind. All the panels are hand crafted from high quality materials to ensure that the acoustic treatment will stand the test of time and noise.

Our Acoustic Panels are acoustically functional and visually pleasing. The panels are available in many sizes and shapes. The panels also come with a huge choice of colour options as well as the ability to be printed with any image or branding desired. Our treatment solutions offer unobtrusive noise control that is affordable and effective and the acoustic panels have the ability to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Also thanks to the huge choice of colours they can either be integrated into the current décor and layout of the space to be treated or they can form part of a feature for a truly unique and inspiring working space.

Office and Classroom Acoustic Treatment Panels

Poor office and classroom acoustics should not be a problem that is ignored. But it is a problem that can be easily and cost effectively cured with the use of our high quality acoustic panels. Once you install these discreet acoustic panels in your offices, classrooms and conference rooms you will wonder how your staff or students ever coped with the environment that was presented to them previously.