White Melamine Acoustic Products

Advanced Acoustics Admin

White Melamine Wedge Profiled Acoustic PanelNot everyone wants grey acoustic foam in their studio.  While with the right lighting our grey acoustic foam tiles and bass traps can look very cool sometimes a little bit of white is called for.  In the past many would be put off using white acoustic foam because, as we know, light coloured acoustic foam products tend to discolour and turn yellow.  Hence the reason why dark grey is usually the colour of choice for acoustic treatment, it won't discolour a week after it's been installed, it has greater durability on that respect.  However the Melamine Acoustic Foam we are talking about here is extremely UV stable and unlike other white foams, Melamine foam will not turn yellow.

So there's one benefit with our Melamine Acoustic Foam Range.  Other benefits are that the product is extremely light.  Despite this the product is still incredibly effective as an absorption material.  Melamine Acoustic Foam also has an inherently high fire resistance and heat resistance and so can be used in a wealth of applications including construction and commercial applications.  It also has an unbeatable level of natural chemical resistance and so becomes an effective and durable solution in even the harshest of environments.

At Advanced Acoustics we produce a number of standard products and designs that we keep in stock for quick dispatch.  These include plain acoustic panels available in various thicknesses and profiled acoustic panels such as wedge, pyramid and tegular.  Because Melamine Acoustic Foam is such a versatile product quite often we are asked to produce custom and bespoke solutions and products to suit a certain need.  With full manufacturing capability including CNC Machines we can turn this foam into a vast array of shapes and sizes for an ever expanding range of applications.  If you require a bespoke solution that you can't find on our website just get in touch with one of our technical advisers and they will be able to discuss your requirements and help you develop a solution.