Office Acoustic Panel Treatment

All of our Office Acoustic Panels are easy to maintain.  The acoustic foam, backing and fixings are very durable will require no maintenance at all.  The acoustic foam we use has been treated for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and has a high resistance to air erosion so you can be assured the foam will not crumble over time.  The cloth we use is also very durable and has been tested to 100,000 Martindale Cycles so you can be sure the panels will stand the test of time.

In terms of cleaning the panels we would recommend that you vacuum them from time to time ensuring you use a soft brush attachment so as not to snag the cloth.  If a panel does become marked then you can clean the fabric with a clean damp cloth.  More stubborn marks can be cleaned by gently using Vanish or something similar.  Great care must be taken when using a cleaning agent.  If the mark can't be removed then just send the panel back to us and we will re-cover it for you.