Customer Floor Soundproofing Install

Advanced Acoustics Admin

Last week we completed an installation for a customer and we just wanted to share it with you and show you some images of how the installation is completed.  It is an easy installation and anyone with decent DIY skills should be able to complete the installation.  The customer we completed the work for rents an upstairs and downstairs flat.  However their tenants were complaining about the noise that each of them create.  The problem was with both airborne noise and impact noise.  After discussing the customers requirements and making our suggestions it was decided that we would carry out the following works.

  1. ensure all the floorboards were properly screwed down so that there isn’t any movement.
  2. seal any gaps in the floorboards with acoustic sealant
  3. lay two layers of 5kg soundproofing mat with the second layer installed 90 degrees to the first layer
  4. install a layer of our Silent Floor Ultra ready for the carpet fitter to fit the carpets.

There were two rooms that we were asked to soundproof which was the one double bedroom and the living room.  The customer agreed to have the room emptied of any furniture and remove the old carpet, underlay and carpet gripper ready for us to complete the work.  The only piece of furniture the installation team had to work round was the bed frame but this didn’t cause any issues.

The first step when the team arrived was to ensure that all the floorboards were properly screwed down and didn’t squeak.  It is best to do this now as squeaking floorboards are difficult to remedy once the soundproofing has been installed. Once they were sure that all the floorboard were secure it was time to seal any gaps with acoustic sealant.  As this was a relatively old building there were a number of gaps and so some time is taken to have these filled in.  So that they could carry on working they joint taped over any areas that were sealed so as no to transfer wet acoustic sealant to the rest of the house.

2015-05-13 10.16.10

Once the floorboards are all screwed down and the gaps are sealed with acoustic sealant it is time to install the first layer of soundproofing mat.  It is best to glue down the 5kg soundproofing mat with our contact adhesive.  You don’t want the mat moving around and by gluing it down it makes the installation of the second layer easier.  Once the first layer has been fitted we then seal all the joints with jointing tape.  The next step is to install the second layer of 5kg soundproofing mat.  This is installed perpendicular to the first layer to ensure that joints cross over as opposed to run in line.  Again it is recommended that the layer of soundproofing mat is glued down to the first layer of soundproofing mat.  The adhesive can have quite a strong smell when using it so it is best to leave any doors or windows open to ensure a fresh circulation of air.  Once the second layer has been fitted the joints are again sealed with jointing tape.

2015-05-13 14.16.40

For this install the client arrange for the carpet fitters to come that same day to fit the carpet.  So once we have fitted the second layer they carpet fitters were left to fit the carpet gripper around the perimeter of the room.  Once they had done one room our guys could then to go an install the Silent Floor Ultra.  The Silent Floor Ultra can be loose laid however it is vital to ensure there are no gaps.  The Silent Floor Ultra needs to be installed foam side up.

2015-05-13 14.36.22

Once the Silent Floor Ultra has been fitted the carpet fitter can then go back in and fit the carpet.

2015-05-13 14.36.40

This install took our guys 6 hours to complete.  The carpet fitters arrived around noon and by the time our guys had tidied up the carpet fitters were about done.

Our customer’s tenants have now moved back in to their respected flats and we are pleased to say they and the landlord are very pleased with the results.

If you would like some help or a quotation for the soundproofing of your floors please don’t hesitate to email us at