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Acoustic Studio Foam Treatment Soundproofing

At Advanced Acoustics we design and produce acoustic treatment for a wide array of applications. We believe that acoustic treatment is probably the most important aspect of a studio and we understand that it can be a daunting task establishing what the correct studio foam for your needs is. It is for this reason we have developed such a vast array of acoustic foam solutions from bass traps to acoustic tiles to acoustic panels. With us there is a studio foam product that is suitable for every application whether you are acoustically treating a home project studio, professional studio, rehearsal room, control room, vocal booth, drum booth, live room, mixing room or video editing suite.

At Advanced Acoustics our aim is to offer you the exact acoustic treatment you require without the huge price tag and we have many acoustic foam kits which offer great acoustic treatment options at fantastic prices. We can start right from the beginning of a project with sound proofing right the way along to creating a room that is suitable for recording and mastering music.  The environment in which music is to be recorded must be free of distortion so that the signal can be evaluated with extreme precision which is why installation of the correct acoustic treatment is paramount. We don't offer a massive range of studio foam alternatives to confuse you and make your job of installation more difficult. We believe it is only by offering you the widest range of acoustic treatment possible that we can be ready for every eventuality and taste.

Get yourself top quality acoustic foam at competitive prices along with great customer service here. We pride ourselves in our great track record and we are dedicated to offering you the right acoustic foam for YOUR needs.  Studio foam is both a science and an art. Don't leave your acoustic treatment to chance put your studio treatment in the hands of the people you can trust, Advanced Acoustics . We have a lot of experience at treating studios and we do our best to pass that information and knowledge onto you in terms that we can all understand.

To get your recordings and mixes at their best you not only need good and reliable equipment but you also need a room that you can rely on.  Only Advanced Acoustics offer truly reliable acoustic treatment solutions for your studios.  Reliable products from a respectable acoustic treatment company.

For Your Cinema or Listening Room

Acoustic Studio Foam Treatment Soundproofing

At Advanced Acoustics we also design and hand craft acoustic treatment for installation in rooms where music is to be enjoyed such as dedicated listening rooms or home cinema rooms . Our acoustic absorbing panels are constructed of professional grade open cell acoustic foam finished in a material that is both durable and attractive and all are hand crafted to exacting standards. The materials used in the construction of our acoustic panels and the testing of the panels make them the best product for the audiophile or cinephile who wants to enjoy his or her high fidelity equipment. Included in the range are acoustic panels can be installed in corners to tighten up troublesome low end frequencies and acoustic panels along the wall to vastly improve the stereo image, remove clutter and widen the audible soundstage as well.

Because listening rooms are never the same it has, in the past, been difficult to properly acoustically treat a home listening room, cinema room or music room. Room modes, the effect of reflections and low frequency build up can cause many problems that affect the end result.  The link between the loudspeaker and the ear is just as important as the quality of the amplifier, loudspeaker and source components.  Now, thanks to the products we have developed these shortcomings needn't be a problem.

Our  Sound Trap Panels , Photophonic Panels , Echo-Stick Acoustic Panels, Symphonic Panel, Orbis Panels and Signature Acoustic Panels are suitable for any room as they are visually pleasing as well as acoustically improving and also keep in line with most architectural needs. The acoustic panels absorb the unwanted energy that builds up in a room to enable your high end audio equipment to be more accurate than ever before. Our solutions are put together in a way that makes it very simple for at least one of our products to be suitable for your application whether it is a mini panel, custom sized panel or a full size free standing panel.  We have a huge choice of effective products with an even wider choice of colour options.

The only way to make your High Fidelity equipment work at its best is by enabling your room to work in harmony with that equipment with the use of effective yet domestically acceptable acoustic treatment solutions.  With so many products available there will be a solution that is perfect for you.

For Your Office

Acoustic Studio Foam Treatment Soundproofing

Poor office acoustics is a growing problem.  With the many reflective surfaces in offices, interview rooms, call centre’s and conference rooms the reverberation time of a room can be very long.  These hard and reflective surfaces make spaces very difficult to work in resulting in having staff that can't work at their best and who suffer fatigue.  Telephone conversations can be difficult and the buildup of sound waves in a room makes it very difficult for your staff to work effectively. 

An office or working space must be efficient.  So to improve sound quality and speech clarity effective office acoustic treatment is required.  The acoustic treatment must also be aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, durable, safe and non-irritant.  Echo and reverberation disappears once acoustically effective acoustic treatment solutions are installed.

 We have developed innovative acoustic wall panels that improve the working efficiency of your office, call centre, conference room or classroom. Our acoustic panels are easy to install, lightweight and most importantly safe for total peace of mind. All the panels are hand crafted from high quality materials to ensure that the acoustic treatment will stand the test of time and noise and suitable for a multitude of applications.  With the many options available including various standard sizes and custom sized panels available as well as the huge range of 60 colours or screen printed panels which can be digitally printed with any image supplied there is no shortage of options when it comes to using Advanced Acoustics SoundControl and ArtControl Acoustic Wall Panels.

Poor office and classroom acoustics is not a problem that can be ignored. But it is a problem that can be easily and cost effectively cured with the use of our high quality acoustic panels. Once you install these discreet acoustic panels in your offices, classrooms and conference rooms you will wonder how your staff or students ever coped with the environment that was presented to them previously.

At Advanced Acoustics we recognize that you can only achieve the finest results possible by using the ultimate resources and methods available.  That is why our products are hand crafted by the best fully trained craftsmen using only the highest quality materials attainable recommend by the best engineers available.


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