Home Cinema and Listening Room Acoustic Treatment Panel Placement

Acoustic treatment can either make or break the perfect listening environment. If the panels are positioned incorrectly the sound stage can be shrunk and that is most certainly something you want to stay away from. However, installation of the panels in the correct place will make such a huge improvement you will wonder how you ever enjoyed you music before they were installed. Above is a sketch of the best placement of acoustic panels in an ideal set-up. As every room is different sometimes adjustments have to be made. If you are unsure about where to best place acoustic panels in your listening room then simply contact us and we will discuss the options open to you. We will always listen what your needs are and we will be able to arrange a system that both works for you and works for your room. You can contact us either by email or by calling us on +44 (0) 1623 643609.

The height at which the acoustic panel is installed is also extremely important.  If the panel is too high or too low then it will not be positioned at its optimum for absorbing the first reflection sound waves.  You need to draw an imaginary line from the top driver unit to where your head is and from the bottom driver unit to where your head is.

Our acoustic panels are unbelievably easy to install, both the wall mounted panels and the corner mounted panels. There are two fixing methods available. The first and most popular option is the use of D-rings. By choosing D-rings all you need to complete the installation are picture hooks. They literally take minutes to install and before long you will be listening to the fruits of your short labour and at last hearing exactly what your Hi-Fi and artist has to tell you. The option of D-rings is available for both the wall mounted panels and the corner mounted panels. The wall mounted panels such as the Wall Sound Trap Panel and the Photophonic panel also has the option of being landscape or portrait orientation depending on what is required. If you require panels that can be easily removed or want a room that can be adjusted for different uses then this method is the most practical. There is no mess when installing the panels. All you need is a measuring tape, a hammer and some picture hooks.

The second option is the use of brass mirror plates. There are four plates per panel and this method of fixing makes your panels securely fixed to the wall or ceiling. The method takes a little longer in comparison to the D-ring option but if your acoustic treatment needs to be securely fastened to the wall or ceiling then this is the best option. There is no risk of the panels being knocked or falling damaging furniture or equipment. All you need to install these panels is a hammer action drill, measuring tape and suitable fixings whether they are plasterboard plugs or brick plugs. The removing of the panels is also simple. If you were to move house or change the use of the room you can take the panels with you.

We aim to make the acoustic treatment we supply not only effective acoustically and visually be acoustic treatment also needs to be practical. This is why the cloth we use can easily be wiped clean and it is also why we have given you two easy methods of fixing the panels to the walls or the ceiling.