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Panneaux acoustiques de bureau - suspendus au plafond

Jetez un coup d'œil à notre choix complet de panneaux acoustiques suspendus au plafond. Ces panneaux peuvent être utilisés dans une large gamme d'applications telles que les bureaux, les salles de classe, les restaurants et plus encore. Avec différents modèles, tailles et plus de 30 couleurs différentes disponibles, nous sommes sûrs que vous trouverez une solution de traitement acoustique qui répond à vos besoins.

Panneaux acoustiques de bureau - suspendus au plafond

Our ceiling suspended office acoustic panels are designed to be suspended from the ceiling on wires.  The panels are available in 31 colours along with different shapes and sizes to suit different sized offices.  They are suitable for use in a range of applications where effective noise control and reduction of echo and reverberation is required.  They can be used in areas such as offices, restaurants, classrooms, boardrooms, lecture halls and more.  If you have specific design in mind just get in touch and we can help.

If a space has high ceilings or a very long reverberation time with very little available wall space for acoustic treatment then these ceiling suspended acoustic panels are the perfect solution.  By placing the acoustic panels up out of the way they are less disruptive to the visual aspect of the room.  The acoustic panels can also be easily layered and overlapped giving the opportunity to increase the amount of absorbent material you can install in the ceiling space. 

Installation is simple thanks to the fitting kits which are also available to purchase separately depending on the amount of drop you require for the acoustic panels.  All of our acoustic panels are hand crafted in the UK and made using only the finest acoustic materials to exacting standards.  Because all of our acoustic panels are made using fire resistant and non toxic materials they are suitable for use in a range of applications including high traffic environments.