Geometric Signature Acoustic Panels

Shaun Snaith

Geometric Signature Acoustic Panels

We are proud to be able to share with you a new range of acoustic panels which we have been been working on over the past year.  Despite lockdowns and limited access to new tooling and materials our development team have come out with a range of panels that we are extremely pleased with.  So what do we have for you?

The Geometric Signature Acoustic Panels are panels that are currently not matched by anyone in the market.  Our new Geometric Panels are completely customisable, one of kind.  The most unique and biggest feature of our new range of panels is that they can be painted.  Yes that's right, painted.  Now you will have seen us write about how acoustic foam shouldn't be painted, that it will damage performance and render acoustic treatment useless, and that is true.  But the Geometric Acoustic Panels are a new design of acoustic panel constructed from CNC shaped MDF with an acoustic foam insert.  The MDF frame can be painted any colour you want, as many times as you want.  All the while the acoustic foam insert continues to do what it does best.

The open area of the MDF frame means that sound waves strike the acoustic foam within the frame and are absorbed.  With an NRC of 0.7 these acoustic panels are vey effective at keeping mid and high end reverberation and echoes under control.  And the design of the MDF frame means there is still a little bit reflected surface to maintain a degree of controlled life in the room so that recordings and rehearsal sessions aren't rendered totally dead and lifeless.

There are 5 designs we currently have available which can be mixed and matched.  If you don't fancy painting the panels then that's fine, leave them bare for that raw look. If you do change your mind the panels are super simple to remove from the wall, paint and re-hang.  We use a completely hidden mounting system that is fool-proof and won't cause irreversible damage to walls or ceilings.  All the panels are 60cm square and the ideal size for installation around control and mixing desks, podcast stations or full on studios.

Take a look at our range of Geometric Acoustic Panels and see which ones you want in your room.  The only difficult choice you have to make is deciding what colour you are going to have them.