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Cinema & Listening Room Acoustics

Browse our complete range of acoustic panels designed for use in home cinema and listening rooms.  Whether you require low frequency control or reverberation reduction our domestically acceptable hand crafted acoustic panels will suit your needs.

Cinema & Listening Room Acoustics

Our High End Cinema and Listening Room Acoustic Panels are designed for the discerning listener who requires acoustic treatment that is more domestically acceptable than the standard range of acoustic panels on the market.  Our High End Acoustic Panels are suitable for use in Home Cinema Rooms, Dedicated Listening Rooms or any other rooms in the home where effective sound control is required.

Our range of acoustic panels include bass control panels which are designed to be installed in the corners of the room.  These bass absorbing panels will help to control low end build and standing waves that can be generated and cause so much disruption in a cinema or listening room.  We also have available acoustic panels which are designed to be installed at first reflection points to help to tame early reflections and control the overall reverberation time of the room.  This has the effect of opening up the sound-stage and improving focus.

All of our acoustic panels are simple to maintain and are easily wall mounted, damage free, simply by hanging on picture hooks.  The materials we use in the crafting of our acoustic panels are completely safe for domestic use and doesn't contain any materials that cause irritation nor are harmful.  The cloth we use to cover our acoustic panels is a soft and luxuriant open weave linen available in a choice of colours to complement your decor.

We also offer screen printed acoustic panels if you want that splash of something special for your room, a high resolution photo of your favourite place or your most loved musician perhaps.

All of our acoustic panels are hand crafted in the UK to exacting standards.  With this in mind if your require custom sized acoustic panels or a building a Home Cinema Room from scratch and want your acoustic treatment to be integrated into the room then look no further.  We can help you right from the design stage to ensure you get the best performance from your room with your set-up.