Wave Corner Bass Trap 3ft Acoustic Studio Foam

  • 12" x 12" x 36" long corner bass trap
  • Sold in single units
  • CNC cut wave profile
  • Always in stock, shipped uncompressed


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Elevate Your Studio Acoustics with Wave Bass Traps: Unleash Sonic Precision and Aesthetic Brilliance


Are you ready to take your studio acoustics to the next level? Meet the 3ft Wave Bass Traps – the ultimate solution for achieving unrivalled sonic precision while adding a touch of aesthetic sophistication to your creative space.

The 3ft Wave Bass Traps are sold individually, meticulously designed to capture and absorb sound waves with finesse. With dimensions of 305mm (12") wide and 915mm (36") long, along with an overall face width of 430mm, these bass traps command attention. Their unique design offers an expansive surface area that gracefully catches and tames errant soundwaves. Effective down to 40Hz, the 3ft Wave Bass Trap is your key to achieving impeccably controlled low frequencies. These bass traps, like all our acoustic foam products, are dispatched uncompressed and ready for immediate installation. Produced using cutting-edge CNC machinery in our UK factory, they are available in your choice of Mid Grey or Dark Grey.

Unveiling the Benefits:

Unparalleled Design: The 3ft Wave Bass Traps are a masterpiece of innovation. Meticulously developed, tested, and refined, these bass traps are a seamless blend of art and science. Not just visually striking, their design serves a functional purpose, boasting increased surface area without sacrificing volume or mass. Pair them with our Mini Wave Acoustic Tiles for a harmonious acoustic symphony.

Sonic Precision: Bass Traps are the cornerstone of effective studio design, and Wave Bass Traps stand as a testament to their transformative power. By curbing standing waves and taming low-end build-up, these traps elevate your sound quality, letting your music breathe with clarity and precision.

Masterful Bass Control: Low-end energy tends to congregate in corners, causing havoc in your audio environment. By incorporating 3ft Wave Bass Traps strategically placed in corners you'll neutralize this menace, delivering clean, well-defined sound across the frequency spectrum. Complement them with our range of acoustic tiles for a comprehensive acoustic solution.

Choose Excellence – Choose Us:

Trusted by Industry Professionals: Join the ranks of satisfied professionals who have unlocked the potential of their soundscapes with our acoustic solutions. From household names to emerging talents, our products have earned accolades for their transformative impact.

Crafted for Brilliance: We pride ourselves on crafting acoustic solutions that are not just effective but enduring. Our 3ft Wave Bass Traps epitomize meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and unwavering performance.

The Symphony of Possibilities:

Order Now: Ready to revolutionize your sound environment? Order your 3ft Wave Bass Traps now and embark on a journey of acoustic perfection.  Need help with working out quantities?  Use the 'Coverage Calculator' Tab to easily workout the correct quantity for your studio.

Hear the Difference: Elevate your audio quality and infuse your studio with unparalleled clarity. Experience the magic of the 3ft Wave Bass Traps and redefine your sonic journey.

Elevate Your Sound: Transform your space into a realm of sonic brilliance with Wave Bass Traps that redefine your acoustics. Order now and experience sound that resonates with excellence.

Embrace the potential of your studio – elevate your music, rehearsals, and recordings with the finesse of Wave Bass Traps. Let the symphony of precision bass control unfold.


    The Technical Details


    Product Name Wave Corner Bass Trap 3ft
    Product Size 12" x 12" x 36" (305mm x 305mm x 915mm)
    Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object at 50Hz 0.1
    Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object at 63Hz 0.3
    Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object at 80Hz 0.3
    Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object at 100Hz 0.7
    Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object at 125Hz 0.7
    Equivalent Absorption Area Per Object at 160Hz 0.9
    Product Colour Mid Grey or Dark Grey
    Product Weight 1.6kg
    Fire Classification Crib 5 and Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furnishings and Furniture (fire)(safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989)
    Acoustic Foam Density 30kg/m3


    Performance Data

    3ft Wave Bass Trap Performance Data

    Installing our Corner Foam Bass Traps is very simple. The first step to take is to work out your correct placement and preferred layout of bass traps. Do a sketch on paper first to make sure that the layout looks right and you have enough bass traps and space for your planned design.

    Once the acoustic foam bass traps are mounted they are hard to remove so it is important to get the layout right before you begin. Once you have a sketch of the layout you plan you can then mark up the wall with the layout. You can either use pencil, masking tape or lasers to layout the design.

    When mounting the bass traps in the corners apply Advanced Acoustics Contact Adhesive to both the back of the bass trap and the mounting surface. There is no need to heavily cover the bass trap or wall with adhesive, a band of adhesive around the perimeter of the bass trap along with 50% - 75% coverage of the rest of the bass trap will be fine. Use the same equivalent amount on the wall. Avoid overspray on the bass traps and the corners so that adhesive can’t be seen when they are in place. Masking Tape on the wall will help with this. If you do get webbing overspray on the bass trap, don’t touch it, allow it to dry, in most cases you will be able to peel the adhesive off.

    The adhesive we supply is solvent based so we recommend that you keep all doors of the room and any windows open whilst completing the installation.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Nice quality decent sound absorbtion

    Great for the price until I can be bothered to build some full range traps. Then I will simply move these into secondary priority position

    Looks fantastic

    5 stars just for decorative value alone. Luckily, as in most houses, the distance between the floor and ceiling being just under 8 feet, a column made up of one 2ft and two 3ft pieces would be held firmly into place by pressure alone without use of glue.

    Very satisfied

    The uneven surface does not subtract the thickness of the workpiece. This is very favorable.

    Good traps but heavy.

    The product has good quality, the foam is a little delicate due to the density it has necessary to work as an acoustic element so that at the slightest scratch it cracks easily. Its performance absorbing bass is quite good both for its design and size. It is not the panacea, that is, only two will not completely eliminate the bass ball but work better than others because they are larger than the usual ones. The biggest handicap certainly their weight, the ONLY way there is to fix them is to glue them with muucha contact glue and it has to be a special glue... directly to the wall, any other system does not work and I tried several before gluing directly. The best certainly its price.

    Best of all

    are a pass the best traps I have seen, besides that attenuation peak at 200 Hz is perfect for most spaces, I recommend them.