Silent Space Isolation Booth

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Last week we installed one of our Silent Space Isolation Booths.  The reason we are featuring this installation as opposed to our other many installs is because this was an installation of the biggest standard booth we do and it was installed in Ireland for a large multi-national company and we quickly go through the challenges we met to complete the installation.

The installation itself went without a hitch and was even completed early allowing our guys catch an earlier ferry and come back to the UK around 14 hours earlier than expected.  The smooth running of the project was partly down to the excellent advance planning that took place along with the hard working two man team that completed the install.

The booth that was installed was the largest of our standard booths coming in at 4.2m by 4.8m and a weight of around 2400kgs.  The installation took place in County Leitrim and because there is weight and size limit to how much our transport can carry it meant some well timed forward planning to get the bulk of the materials to the client before we arrived.  A Floor Isolation Kit was included in the order and so all the materials that make up the floor also had to be shipped over.  This meant we had to make sure everything was prepared well in advance so that there weren’t any delays, this is difficult when you consider we are working beyond our current capacity.  Also because we were shipping most of the materials over by pallet, albeit a heavy and oversized pallet, we were limited by how long the panels could be.  For example it was practically impossible to send over 4.8m long panels to make up the roof, we just couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t be damaged during shipping.  So instead we opted to have roof panels half the length required and instead install a goalpost for the roof to be supported on.  We have used this method many times before and so we were confident we wouldn’t hit any snags.  And our confidence was well founded, the booth went together a dream as they usually do and the goalpost we constructed couldn’t have gone together any better if it grew there.

The customer also requested additional vision panels and vent boxes to be added to the booth to aid ventilation and temperature control with plenty of glazing so the staff working in the booth could be safely seen.

And the finished article?  Well the customers comments were full of praise.  The client was really impressed with the build quality of the Isolation Booth and sound isolation achieved surpassed their expectations.  They have had an isolation booth installed before in another part of the factory by another company but the finished product didn’t meet their expectations and needs.  Staff and managers of the company were impressed by the high level of workmanship and professionalism and were looking forward to getting to work to install their equipment for the booth.

2015-03-13 10.06.25

2015-03-13 10.07.09

2015-03-13 10.06.44

Our Silent Space Isolation Booths are used for a wide range of applications and not just for music, they are used for commercial use, industrial use, medical use and educational use.  And while this featured booth is the largest standard booth we make we can build larger booths if this is required.  We have a range of standard sized Silent Space Isolation Booths starting from 1.2m square right up to this 4.2m by 4.8m Isolation Booth.  And if there isn’t a standard size booth that meets your requirements, no problem, just get in ouch with us discuss your requirements and we can build you a booth exactly to your specification.